America Sucks-There, I've said it!

I heard it again on television this morning, this time uttered by Chrissy the Pooh O'Donnell, the failed senatorial candidate from Delaware.

She told George Stephanopoulos that the mid term vote was a vote to change DC...not to change America. America, she says, doesn't need changing.

Well, no it doesn't...if you're white girl used to getting by on her looks instead of her brains....or a white guy born with the priviledge of masculinity regardless of your class station in life....or you're a woman who married an elder titan of industry or politics...or your father was one such man..

However, if you don't fall into one of those categories, then America is not the be all end all place to spend a lifetime growing up and laboring.

It is not an equal place for gays and lesbians and poor women...In the 21st century America is a segregated place for Blacks, Native Americans and Hispanics..no matter how much money you have in the bank.

It is a place where women are allowed to vote, yet pregnancy is treated as a pre existing condition, the right to choose is anathema, and rape or incest a negligible consequence.

God forbid that you don't worship at the mega church altars dedicated to some guy named Jesus who bares no resemblance physically or mentally to to the son of god in all the christian bibles..

It is a place where the government freezes workers' wages while granting trillions of dollars in tax cuts to the wealthiest one percent, or takes away regulation so that there is no limit on the number of ways created to screw the public.

It is a place that refuses to grant unemployment insurance to those who've lost their jobs....or health insurance to the most needy...while literally throwing money at corporations by allowing them to actually write the laws that govern the people...always skewing the laws to favor business and backed up by the courts..

America is a place where parts of the country are getting ready to hold celebrations of the secession that occurred prior to the first shots of the civil war.  It is a party to celebrate states rights without admitting that the only right in conflict during the civil war was whether or not to keep black people enslaved.

The old guard masters of the universe and their wives and children, continue to ignore, mitigate, change or rewrite the history of America to exclude Blacks...apparently thinking that writing us out of the history books makes us disappear.... In this fantasy world...persecuted white people came here and found a continent ripe for the taking.

Today's political discourse treats Blacks and minorities like a necessary evil...something that is ignored until forced to face.

After all...we have a Black man as president...what more could we want...must white people also be expected to treat him like a white president..giving him the respect deserving of a real master of the universe, too?

There is absolutely no recognition of minority humanity or contributions from anyone on the neoconservative right wing of the GOP, nor by many members of the progressive middle or so called liberal left.

The conservative bigotry is open and outfront, while liberals and alleged progressives expect us to quietly stand by as they deliver the same kind of slights and offense, simply because they sometimes pat us on the head and throw candy our way once in a while.

It really doesn't matter if a master of the universe labels himself or herself conservative or liberal...the results for those of us on the receiving end are the same.

The message delivered daily by the various alphabet ministries of propaganda is that America belongs to them and we are nothing more than a stain on their god given American exceptionalism.
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