Like Kanye Said, “GOP Don't Like Black People”

One of the most troubling aspects of  GOP/teabagger attempts to “take back their country” is their rabid intent to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act of 2009, otherwise known as Obamacare. Republicans make it very clear in their Pledge to America that dismantling this law is a primary goal.

The progressive think tank Center for American Progress recently completed an analysis of the Pledge and came to the conclusion that Blacks would suffer big time, if the GOP is allowed to trash this monumental piece of legislation.

You can read the analysis here

The Pledge to America promises a number of moves including;

The GOP promises to undo or defund the provisions establishing the Office of Minority Health within the Department of Health and Human Services. This minority office is designed to address the blatant and historical disparities in health care suffered by all nonwhites in this country, particularly Black Americans.

Blacks are already more likely to be uninsured, or victimized by substandard medical treatment and facilities. Repealing these provisions brings a halt to the recent progress as well as on going progress that will be generated by the new health care laws.

The Pledge to America intends to replace health care reform with isolated measures to benefit only those who already have health care. It does not speak to, nor address the problems of the uninsured.

In other words, the uninsured are screwed and left hanging. Those who have pre existing conditions are basically out of luck if the Pledge to America is enacted by the GOP.

The Pledge does repeal Medicaid, financial help for small businesses as well as the tax subsidies to help families afford more insurance to cover their needs.

There are no plans to improve or expand primary care for anyone. Blacks and other minorities will continue to be victimized by lower quality and disparities in treatment facilities. The Pledge does away with data collecting so the government won't know who is being shafted and when, and therefore can't correct the wrongness built into the system through discrimination and institutionalized racism.

So the GOP/Tea Party hybrid can yell, scream and jump up and down all it wants claiming not to be racist.

It can use all the chocolate talking heads it wants to try and sell this bigoted agenda to the American people. But it won't work.

The GOP don't like Black People and they prove it everytime they announce their intentions or write agendas like this Pledge to America.
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