Damn Ginni, Don' Nobody Wont Cho Man!

Ever since Mrs. Clarence decided to contact Anita Hill, people have been shaking their heads, attempting to figure out the whys and wherefores behind the voicemail.

I mean, it's not like the Thomas/Hill confirmation drama played out last week and the country was still wrapped up in the story.  It happened nearly 20 years ago. A whole generation of people has grown up knowing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas as the dummy that Justice Anton Scalia uses when he's in the mood to do ventriloquism tricks from the bench.

Few people other than political junkies remember Clarence the horndog and his infatuation with pubic hairs.  Except maybe his wife.

Virginia seems to be one of those women who thinks every other woman wants her man. The Jerry Springer show is full of these fools, everyday.  She thinks her personal piece of sexy chocolate drives other women wild. Wild enough to lie in front of congress and millions watching a televised hearing to castigate the hapless Clarence who is not only honorable, but also madly in love and completely faithful to wifey Virginia.

In Ginni world, Clarence has no lust in his heart for any other woman.

Ginni even told People Magazine about Anita Hill, back in the day: "I always believed she was probably someone in love with my husband and never got what she wanted."

All righty then! I don't know about you, but I spell sexy chocolate Idris or Boris or Denzel...not Clarence. Clarence equals Clown...Clarence equals Urkel...Clarence equals untrustworthy brotha...need I go on...

To most of the world Clarence is not nearly as hapless or as blameless as his wife would have you believe.

Yeah, he sits on the United States Supreme Court, but he wasn't the first choice for the position. He wasn't even the second choice for position. He wasn't considered competent enough to fill the shoes of the late Justice Thurgood Marshall and remains an embarrassment to Marshall's memory and legacy to this day.

Not only do other women not want this dude...neither did nor does the Black community in general, which I guess is why he ended up married to Saint Virginia in the first place, she of the pale skin and very deep pockets.

There were in fact, other women who spoke out about goodboy Clarence's sexual proclivities at the time of his nomination and confirmation controversies. Those old girlfriends backed up Anita's version, not Ginni's idea of her man.

"The Clarence I know was certainly capable of not only doing the things that Anita Hill said he did, but it would be totally consistent with the way he lived his personal life then." -Lillian McEwen retired judge who dated Thomas from 1979 til the mid 1980's.

I guess Judge McEwen falls into Ginni's bag of scorned women, too. Uh huh...


But maybe, just maybe, Ginni's not as crazy as one might think, given her sudden desire to step out into the tea party limelight with her Liberty Central teabag organization.

Maybe she was simply using her Clarence as a shield...In other words..rehash her husband's controversy to deflect attention off the fact that Ginni's group is gathering in lots and lots of anonymous money to buy back America and keep it the playground that it has become for rich, racist conservatives.

Poor Clarence. Even when someone steps forward to seemingly defend him..he still ends up being the doormat.
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