Why I Won't Vote for Steve Chabot

He's a republican running against Steve Driehaus, who is seeking re-election this year, having defeated Chabot two years ago, to represent the first district of Ohio.

Chabot is anti woman. He is anti affirmative action. He's not a racist, just against anything that helps Black people. He is anti gay.  He favors the do nothing politics of the GOP that has this country in trouble. In fact, during the Bush Administration, Steve Chabot played a big part in wreaking economic havoc on this country.

While in office the last time, Chabot voted against legislation designed to end discrimination against the LGBT community. He supports DOMA or the Defense of Marriage Act. Chabot says there should be a constitutional amendment mandating the marriage only exists between a man and a woman. He voted to enact a ban on gay people to prevent them from adopting children in DC, in 1999.

Chabot wanted a constitutional amendment to criminalize desecration of the flag.

Chabot is anti civil rights in nearly all votes.

However, he likes his corporations and has a 90% record of upholding the rights of overpaid CEOs and those on Wall Street.

On crime, Chabot favors more prisons, more enforcement less prisoner rehabilitation services and a stiffer death penalty.

On drugs, he voted against giving Mexico more funding to battle the drug cartels, while favoring using the military on the Mexican border. He voted against needle exchange programs and medical marijuana in DC, while voting for random drug testing of all federal employees.

As far as education goes, Chabot likes charter schools which is little more than privatizing education for the masses, but he doesn't like public school education nor grants and federal funding of historically black colleges and universities or hispanic colleges. He voted against 84 million dollars in this type of funding in 2006.

Steve Chabot hasn't seen a green energy project that he likes, having voted against most alternatives that don't include foreign oil or domestic oil, for that matter. It's safe to say he is not an environmentalist either.

Chabot would be right at home in Arizona with its current anti immigrant stance. Chabot favors building a fence on the Mexican border. However he has no problem with the Canadian border. He wants to make english the official language of America.

Steve Chabot is pro birth (my term)...not pro life...like his pro life cronies...Chabot doesn't care about the child once it's born, only that it gets born, thereby controlling women, relegating them to birth machines. This is my main point of contention with his opponent Steve Driehaus, too. However, Driehaus voted for health care reform, which is a start for equalizing health care for women.

Chabot is against health care reform and wants to repeal the law.
Chabot also favors privatizing social security and wants to keep the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 1%.

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