Is this Your America?

The GOP plan for the future...

Campaign rhetoric is off the charts since the mere threat of a Black man taking the White House crystallized from talk to reality. The calls from the right have often bordered on sedition, secession and in some cases, outright treason. As November 2nd draws near, the rhetoric has turned to violence, as witnessed outside the Conway/Paul debate of a couple of nights ago.

Groups of men beating up and stomping on minorities and women exercising their rights is sadly, all too common throughout American history. The only thing new about this latest occurrence was the fact that it was a white woman being stomped.

If you listen to the national news media, the so called pundits and talking heads, as well as read the polls conducted by these same entities, you get the feeling that the Democrats and Obama by proxy, are cooked. There is no chance to return to power.

You also get the feeling that America will return to “normal” whatever that is, as soon as the bums are tossed out.

Ego driven rallies are being held across the country like the one here in Cincinnati by Governor wannabe John Kasich, who conducted a GOP “victory “ rally this past Monday, when we don't vote until next week.

Congressman John Boehner has already reportedly picked out the new drapes for his new office as Speaker of the House, replacing the vilified Nancy Pelosi. Again, the people have not yet spoken.

Kentucky Congressman Mitch McConnell has already said there will be no bi partisan governance nor compromise WHEN the GOP returns to power on November 3rd.

The GOP has laid out a number of things that will happen following their swearing in:
John Boehner will make the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% permanent, thereby increasing the deficit that he rails about now, by 3 trillion dollars....He has no plan to pay for those tax cuts, by the way.

In fact, all GOP members of Congress are on record wanting to increase the deficit by extending the tax cuts.

Boehner will have the age limits changed on social security. He wants you to work longer before you get your money...and it is your money..you worked for it and saved it. Boehner will also vote to privatize social security, placing it at the mercy of the winds of wall street.

Boehner will cut non defense federal spending, taking it back to pre stimulus 2008 levels. This move will stifle any growth that has been achieved since implementation of the stimulus package...a package created by the Bush Administration and passed by Boehner and company before Obama came to power.

The stimulus was good thing when Bush was in office...now it's a bad thing...regardless of how it is helping the economy recover....because it was put into effect by Obama.

No the stimulus did not create jobs as promised. But then it really wasn't big enough either. However it did keep things from getting worse.

The bloated defense budget complete with spending on two illegal wars will remain tact, according the GOP, siphoning money away from the needs of the American people. It's like pouring sand down a rat hole...useless.

The GOP says it will stop illegal immigration....how? Don't know...their billion dollar boondoggle of a security fence is not working and will probably be dismantled, according to recent reports out of Homeland Security.

Increasing troops along the border is one way...but then you come back to that problem of raising taxes to pay for it.

Some members of Congress just simply want to close the borders and deny citizenship to children born on American soil to undocumented people, which flies against the very definition of American.

The real truth is that fewer people are coming to America due to the lousy job situation here and better enforcement along the borders. The question always has been what to do about the 12 million undocumented already here, who work and pay taxes by the way.

The GOP in congress says it will repeal the health care reform law....block campaign finance reform....repeal wall street regulations.....deny further unemployment benefits to those still out of work....keep DOMA in place as the law of the land....refuse to make ENDA law....keep DADT as the rule for the American military.

This is what the GOP is promising to do. Add these promises to the list of things the GOP/Tea Party candidates want to do, such as:

Change the United States Constitution

Implement a National religion

Shut down the Depts of Education, Veterans Administration, Environmental Protection Agency

Gut the social security surplus

Do away with medicaid and drastically cut back on medicare

Repeal the minimum wage

Repeal Roe v Wade

Impeach Obama

You have to ask yourself....is this the America that you really want to live in?

Vote November 2nd!
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