Friday Rap

The Pentagon has decided to honor the injunction putting a halt to Don't Ask Don't Tell...however the White House has apparently told the Justice Department to go ahead with an appeal of the ruling...

go figure...

Let it die Obama!....Doing right doesn't always have to be perfect....it just has to be done..

by whatever means necessary...


Pet insurance for government employees

Don't cha love it....Federal workers can buy pet insurance to take care of their animals but can't buy insurance to cover their same sex domestic partner...


Black Media summit at White House

Happened on Monday...Main Stream Media didn't like the session...but then they don't seem to get upset when Black Media is excluded from their meetings...otherwise known as White House Press Briefings which take place daily..

I mean why weren't these guys complaining all these years when Black reporters and media organizations were excluded from all the other press briefings?

Just like the White House...the press...the news media...reporters...whatever...it's all been overwhelmingly white...until now..

And you know what....it's still overwhelimingly white....in presentation and outlook...

Fox is not the only so called news organization that has a minority problem...check it out here.


Whoopi and Joy

walking off in the middle of an interview with Bill O'Reilly....was pure television drama...It was not professional on many levels nor for that matter was Barbara's diva reaction...

You don't have to keep reminding us that you're the boss Babs...we know this..

However...O'Reilly's condescending “I am master of the universe and you need to listen and learn” attitude pissed me off too. 

O'Reilly and his Facebook trolls routinely use condescension as a weapon...they know what it's all about..while you and your friends are “misguided” or “don't understand” or are “not tolerant” of diversity or other people's opinions...

And...we should be grateful that they are taking time out of their busy schedule to drive by our blogs or FB pages to talk to us and try to break down the “facts” for us...

Here's the only fact that matters....I'm not your wife or your mistress or your mother or your sister for that matter....so you know what you can do with your patronizing BS...pack it up and take your condescending ass back to troll land to worship at the altar for imaginary women who welcome your input and control..


Perez Hilton

is going to start being nice....no more outing people or bullying celebs...he made the promise yesterday on Ellen's show...

Well good for you...not that anyone other than clueless straights and those under aged 12 were paying attention in the first place....


Green Party Gubernatorial Candidate Rich Whitney is really getting screwed in Illinois..seems a typo of his name is going to appear on the ballot...instead of his given name it will read “rich whitey” ….

A cosmic freudian slip and apparently too late to fix the ballot....You can read all about it here.


Friday Music

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