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Clarence's Ex

It boggles the brain as to why Virginia Thomas, wife of Uncle Clarence Thomas, would suddenly, out of the blue contact Anita Hill, to demand an apology for speaking out against the horndog activities of her then Supreme Court nominee husband, 19 years after the fact.

Why? Well, only she knows. Some people simply can't live unless they are enveloped in chaos and drama.

The problem with stirring up old stuff is that it may start to percolate and cook again, bringing out new stuff....like an old ex girlfriend, who kept her mouth shut 19 years ago, but has now decided to join in the conversation.

Judge Lillian MeEwen is Clarence's ex and she's written a book. There is a lot to digest, but basically the lady said Clarence's “hobby” was office-ho-hoppin'.”

You can read the whole article here.

If Judge McEwen had spoken out and Angela Wright had been allowed to testify, maybe there would have been no Uncle Clarence on the Supreme Court. At least not the one we're presently stuck with in place.

Who is Angela Wright? Well she is a journalist who used to work with Uncle when he was head of EEOC. She is also an attorney, I believe. She also had problems with Thomas when he was her boss. He fired her from the federal agency, in fact. He kept asking about the size of her breasts and one time showed up unannounced at her home, looking for.....

He also reportedly harassed other women at work in the same way...and she was set to testify about it...but was blocked by several Congressmen...two of which were named Alan Simpson and Joe Biden... all of this leading to Thomas' confirmation.

You can read Wright's story here.


Dubya Speaks

The walking, talking delusion that is George W. Bush is about to release his memoirs of his eight years as America's 43rd president. Excerpts are leaking and in them Dubya says he is proudest of protecting the country in time of great peril.

He also says he is sorry that he didn't privatize Social Security.

That's like a bus driver telling his passengers...”I was headed toward the cliff but ran out of gas before I could drive it over the ledge.”

A number of GOP are not happy about the timing of Bush's memoir, calling the timing “selfish and stupid.”

The GOP really shouldn't fret..those of us living through the aftermath and wreckage of the Bush-lite years haven't forgotten and plan on voting accordingly, regardless of what Bush's ghost writer packed into the tome.

To date, teabaggers have not demonstrated any literary acumen, as witnessed by their signs and placards, so I don't think they will be running out and buying the book to jumpstart their memories of what got us into this mess in the first place. So the delusional base is safe.



On...Off...On...Off....like a kid playing with a damn light switch. It is frustrating when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel, however the tunnel is six football fields long and your feet are tired from walking...

What do you do? You keep walking, period.

Obama has said, DADT will end on his watch...his watch is not even half over and some are running scared and angry....holding their breath because it hasn't been done as quickly as they would like..

Honestly....I want it done yesterday...But then I feel that way about civil rights...about
women's rights...about immigrants rights....

As a woman....I'm still waiting...as a Black American....I'm still waiting....as a gay American...I'm still waiting...

But I am not gonna turn my back on the one person who has done more than any other politician in the history of this country...not when he needs us most...

To paraphrase Fannie Lou Hamer....”I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired of spoiled, selfish gay white men and women”

Gay Whites...talking about not voting for Obama...give me a fucking break...you can play victim all you want...but you were born camoflauged....your sex....your skin, protect you and allow you to blend in no matter what the system, or who's in charge...you are to the manner born...you don't have to hide....you just want a bigger piece of the pie...

All I want is a frickin' crumb...I can't hide...I can't blend in...I can't be a natural master of the universe like you..

Try being a woman...a transgender...or god forbid... try and see if your selfish miniscule little mind can actually imagine being black in America for longer than the time it takes me to type this sentence...

Sitting out the midterms is gonna do what....is DADT gonna end on November 3rd because you didn't vote and the GOP suddenly gets a clue?

(Note to the immature....holding your breath til you turn blue only works on mommie or your sugar daddy...not in the real world)

Do you think that because a couple of power gay guys opened their closet door, and stepped outside, that suddenly being gay and republican is the new look?

Putting the old white guys back in power makes the potential good stuff on the table go away...is that what you want?

Think about it...it's okay to get mad...feel it...but then go do the work instead of sulking and sucking on your thumb....


Remember...despite what the right tells you....Ignorance is not a virtue..nor is it attractive..


Vote November 2nd-Obama taking office was his decision to stand in front of a freight rain traveling downhill at 200 miles per hour...He needs some help from us to find the brake...

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