Why You Should Vote Democratic on November 2nd

AARP, the advocacy group that represents most senior citizens in America, predicts that upwards of 80% of America's 40 million senior citizens plan to vote on November 2nd. 63% turned out in 2008. Now, on the surface that looks like a good thing for the GOP, since old people are usually more conservative.

But hold your horses...the GOP and its tea party mini-mes say across the board, that they are going to privatize or change social security, health care and medicare...that's right after they extend the Bush tax cuts and increase the deficit by 3 trillion dollars.

But most seniors are happy with health care, and social security. Not even teabaggers want anyone to touch their social security and medicare.

The only place where seniors are against health care and okay with changing social security in fact, are Ohio and Florida....go figure...

Ohio Congressman John Boehner, in between losing his tan, measuring the drapes for his new office and promising powerful committee chairs to his teabagging buddies has promised to shut down the government ala 1994, if he gets the power..this in addition to privatizing social security and revising health care for seniors.

We all know how well that worked for Newt Gingrich and his Contract on America Congressmen who authored the last government shutdown as a way to embarrass President Clinton.

Boehner and Eric Cantor and  Ms. Mitch McConnell want to try the same thing with Obama.

The Campaign for America has identified some of the biggest lies hanging out there that have people confused about Obama's record. You can find the entire story here.

  1. Obama drastically increased the deficit. Fact: Bush's last deficit was 1.4-trillion dollars. Obama's first deficit was 1.2 trillion...Obama's plan DECREASED the deficit
  2. Obama raised taxes and screwed the economy. Fact: Obama cut taxes for 95% of America. Some 40% of the stimulus money was wasted on tax cuts that created more debt.
  3. Obama bailed out the banks. Fact: The Bank bailout was requested by President Bush and implemented by Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson. The bailout package was approved BEFORE Obama was even elected president.
  4. The Stimulus did not work. Fact: The Congressional Budget Office says, not only did it work, it wasn't big enough and should have been more. Emplyment went up by 3.3 million jobs as a direct result of the stimulus.
  5. Businesses will create jobs if they get tax cuts. Fact: This is trickle down economics. Businesses hire when they have a demand for product and supplies. If given tax cuts, businesses sit on the money as long as possible, saving it rather than putting it back into the economy or hiring new workers.
  6. Health Care Reform cost a trillion dollars. Fact: The new health care package cuts the deficit by $138 billion.
  7. Social Security is going broke. Fact: Social Security is still running a surplus and is good for at least another 25 years. It cannot legally borrow and therefore cannot contribute to the deficit. The big problem is that people are simply living longer with fewer babies dying at birth or shortly thereafter.
  8. Government spending takes money away from the economy. Fact: Government money is used to build and repair infrastructure like roads, airports, ports, courts and schools. Very little of the government budget goes to welfare, foreign aid and other social programs. The biggest drain on the national budget is defense and military spending.

Bottom line...if the GOP gets in and starts to put back into place the old policies...America will go broke....period.
If the GOP gets back in and pulls back on stimulus money....America will go into a depression, the likes of which has never been seen before.
If the GOP gets back into power and repeals health care...the deficit will triple and probably quadruple...but by then...most of us won't be around to see it..

The choice is yours...Go forward to recovery or go back to the dark ages. For some of us...the good ole days that the teabaggers talk about never existed in the first place.
Vote November 2nd
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