Sarah “I Have the Power!” Palin

Back up Skeletor..The Lady leads the way.....

Talk about balls, Sarah Palin's got a pair...big brass hairy balls, man...Heck...she must have three of em rockin' back and forth between her legs, the way she's picking fights and ordering people around, demanding they toe that teabagger line or else.

Sarah Palin is standing up in front of the angry 18% that makes up the Lipton nation (they are too Amerikkkan to drink Green) and telling them the GOP is history if it doesn't fall into line with their teabag philosophy. 

You can read her latest attack diatribe here

Snow Barbie acts as if she has already vanquished Obama and the Democrats, going back to that landslide loss in 2008. She's totally dismissed all minorities and most women, and is openly threatening the entire Republican party whose moderate wing has gone totally silent, apparently struck dumb by the power, logic and majesty of the magnficent MILF.

Palin apparently thinks the silence means the GOP moderates and real conservatives agree with her.

Maybe...maybe not. Won't know til they find their voice again...They will...politics is cyclical like everything else...what goes around...comes around....

I guess she also feels minorities, gays, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans don't count, won' t vote and therefore are not a threat to her agenda of world domination, regardless of what we may think.

You know, I've only seen one person in my lifetime, pick a fight standing in the middle of a circle and win....His name was Bruce Lee..and while he really could fight...the dude was a movie star and his circle fights were always staged under bright lights and in front of cameras.

In real life, it's hard to protect your back fighting while standing in the middle. In real life, chaos takes over. Control breaks down. Most dimwitted masters of the universe stupid enough to fight everyone at the same time usually end up backed into a corner (think Custer at Little Big Horn), overwhelmed by the odds, getting their behinds handed to them. If they're lucky, they see a break in the crowd and bolt safely to daylight, hopefully living to fight another day.

But then isn't that what Lady Sarah does anyway...loses the election... blames McCain and his people for the loss...quits the qovernorship in mid stream... has a book written...sells it to her followers and refuses to talk to anyone save syncophantic followers who hang on every useless word that falls out of her mouth.

At the rate she is bad mouthing everyone...wouldn't it be logical, or at the very least, Karmic, for all the other sides to coalesce ...say on election day... quietly work some bipartisan magic and vote against the puppet master and her puppets...take them down..and then go back to fighting each other.

Stranger things have happened....
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