Portman Lies

About His Record and Ohio....

Since this latest campaign season kicked into full gear, the GOP led by former Bush budget director and career politician Rob Portman, has been running a series of ads claiming Ohio has lost 400,000 jobs in the past four years under Governor Ted Strickland and Lt. Governor Lee Fisher.

Most of these ads are bought and paid for by various political pacs and groups funded by right wing billionaires such as Rupert Murdoch, who owns FOX News, the Koch Brothers, and the Coors Beer Family to name a few. These are the same billionaires trying to control the country by funding the tea party movement and their batty candidates.

What all these ads have in common are professional actors in supposedly  every day situations talking about how Strickland, Fisher, Driehaus and the Democrats have killed Ohio's economy, by losing jobs, “busting the budget,” or outsourcing work to Texas and then El Salvador.

These ads end by stating that Ohio's unemployment rate is above the national average. That's true. It is.

But what is not true is this....Strickland and Fisher did not lose 400,000 manufacturing jobs on their four year watch.

What happened on their watch was a continuation of what began a decade ago under the GOP. The job loss....all 379, 900 of them...began in 2006...before Lee Fisher and Ted Strickland took office. This according to the Department of Labor Statistics.

The real truth is that Ohio has been hemorhaging jobs since 2000, until June of this year, when the jobs started to come back. The net loss was 568,000 jobs since the year 2000.

The ominous ads would have you believe that Rob Portman is the good guy in all this. Heck, from the ads you'd be hard pressed to know this guy was even a politician in the first place.

The ads always portray him in jeans and a button down shirt...never in a suit as if he actually did some work on Capital Hill where congressmen work.

Rob Portman was a Congressman for 10 years until Dubya tapped him to be budget director and oversee the Bush tax cuts for rich people.

Portman is working diligently to keep those tax cuts in place despite the fact they will cost Americans 3 trillion dollars more on the deficit if they stay in place.

Now, that is truly "budget busting" as the ads like to trumpet.

He also spent one year as US trade representative overseeing the export of all those manufacturing jobs to China and the rest of the third world.

Portman voted for NAFTA, which is directly responsible for allowing corporations to ship jobs overseas.

He supported the Bush tax cuts, which resulted in the $128 billion dollar surplus in the budget under Clinton being siphoned off to the deficits that it reflects today.

Portman also left time in his scheduled to trash women, gays and Blacks....his voting record does nothing to help minorities...women apparently don't deserve equal health care....the LGBT community does not need to be protected from bigots or allowed to marry and raise families...and Black people don't deserve basic civil rights.

Far from being an outsider....Portman is very comfortable in the halls of Congress. He is a professional politician....past...present and future....
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