Earth Calling Tea Party-You May have a Problem Come Nov 2nd

If Sunday's crowd at Ohio State is any indication, the teabaggers, GOP and their faithful legion of professional pundits, pollsters and neighsayers may be a little off in their predictions of the election outcome on November 2nd.

The traveling village that is Obamaville was on full display yesterday, harking back to the giddy days of the campaign trail when the Obamas first rose to prominence in their Shermanesque march to DC. Obamaville is not your usual campaign rally. It's not the one that most national writers recognize when covering politics, such as this jaded professional master-of-the-universe-type, from the Politics Daily.

Like all of his compadres of the MSM, this writer went looking for business as usual politics and instead, finding Obamaville, concluded that Obama was literally spitting into the wind, with no chance in the midterm election in two weeks. They question the crowd count, and paint the laid back festive atmosphere as nothing more than a lack of engagement and passing interest, which will translate into no one showing up at the polls.

Yes, 35,000 uninterested people stood several hours in a field at Ohio State University, with no where to sit and nothing to do except talk to strangers, and share an absolutely perfect autumn day, waiting for the Commander in Chief, who was more than an hour late in arriving. However, the crowd was still filing in past security and protestors fully an hour and a half after the official start of the rally. As usual, the MSM looking for past signs and symbols of the old, missed the big picture of the change from 2008, painted on the canvas of 2010 displayed directly in front of them.

The MSM, the GOP and the teabaggers seem to be believing their own hype. In other words, if they tell us the lie long enough, that we will believe it, be demoralized by it and react accordingly, by staying away from the polls, and obediently hand them back their country. Hand it back, because they really have no plan to take it back legitimately.

There is nothing “usual” about an Obama campaign rally, and this one was no exception Obama rallies are more of an emotional ground swell that build slowly and increase exponentially until he steps into the spotlight. Even his wife, who introduced him takes second place when he takes over. Together they are a very potent force. One wonders when the MSM will see this and finally take note of their power 

Kids play, teenagers wander, parents wait, patiently talking amongst themselves until time to listen to the message. Quietly fired up and ready. Determined not to allow the GOP and their mini me teabagger wannabes take this country down a disastrous road of destruction. It's a quiet, steady confidence of what's right and should be, versus what's wrong and allowing it to continue unabated.

Sunday's theme was “Moving America Forward” away from the disastrous policies of the previous administration, and crafting an America that will be fruitful for coming generations. Obama was talking to the kids in the crowd and they heard him. To be sure he talks to voters, too. However the main message is about the future and the lives of the children and what it will take to reclaim the American dream for them.

Many of them in the crowd are too young to vote, but it didn't matter. They were listening now. I watched as rowdy, seemingly attention deprived kids ran around and played, amusing themselves with anything and anyone available, until the Obamas took to the stage. Then they stopped being potential discipline problems and started straining to see and hear. They asked their parents to lift them up so they could see their president.

I watched an Hispanic man with three kids lift one at a time to his shoulders to improve their view and having to rotate, first one child, then the next, then the next, simultaneously demanding their dad's attention. They wanted to see. Watched a little girl in purple dance enthusiastically to the music of McFadden and Whitehead, while seated on her dad's shoulders, lost in her own tiny revelry of happiness.

Kids perched in trees, taking pictures with their cell phones. Kids perched on temporary fences and barriers attempting to get a leg up for a better view-at least until the secret service or campus police chased them down.

Obamaville is a peaceful, happy village, exhibiting none of the fear and horror of the place daily portrayed by the MSM and the conservative right wing money groups funding the vitriolic wall to wall attack ads blanketing the media. This is not to say that Obamaville is ignoring or is ignorant of the activity of the GOP/teabaggers/MSM.

But it is like what the late, great Nina Simone said one time..”it's not that we don't like you...it's just that sometimes, we choose to ignore you.”

In other words, Obamaville knows you're there and will take the appropriate steps to deal with you and your fear mongering silliness, when the time comes.

We ain't sweatin' it...but you should be...
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