Compromise and Capitulation-Another White House Cave-in

(Open letter #4 to President Obama)

“we cannot play politics at a time when the American people are looking for us to solve problems.” -Barack Obama

Dear Sir,

This statement, like all of your other statements are very high brow and noble and full of pristine thinking. However, the GOP has been speaking and communicating in layman's terms since you took office two years ago.

What they're saying in common speak is “fuck you” Mr. President, “fuck you” middle class and all this time you've been singing background harmony.

They went into the meetings daring you to call their bluff and you blinked. Again. You even gave them more than they said they wanted. Lowering the estate tax more than they've ever asked..that's a wet dream for a rich man...doesn't help the poor man in any way shape or form.

None of this decreases the deficit. And by the way, where are the teabagging deficit hawks? Still waiting to hear from them. They can't vote until January, but, hell, they're not even talking.

Wha sa matta u Teabags...GOP got your tongue, too?

The GOP is not having any trouble playing politics with the lives of American people. We feel like we're in a fight but our hands are tied behind our back. We have to stand there and be pummeled by the no brained thug brought in to beat us into submission.

Where's the fight, Mr. President? Where's the change from Washington politics business as usual? Where's the change that we can believe in?

So far, all we have is Bush policy 2.0 except it has BHO in the signature line, these days. It's not compromise when you're always on the losing end.

That's a flat out ass whuppin', stomped and bloodied.

Extending the Bush tax cuts for two years, unnecessarily drains the federal coffers of more money but also puts the cuts into play in an election year, 2012. The country couldn't afford the tax cuts when Bush created them. We can afford them even less in addition to two illegal wars, a recession weak economy and a massive big pharma authored drug plan.

So what is this? You setting yourself up to fail? If you don't want the job, then don't run. Step aside and let somebody else with a stomach for street fighting take a crack at it.

Would it have been so hard to call the GOP's bluff and let the tax cuts expire? The money saved could have been used to fund stuff that needs fixing.

And what about the START treaty? Is that going to be signed or is the party of NO going to work to destroy the world in a nuclear holocaust now that it has effectively trashed America?

More important, are you going to stand by and continue to co sign on their actions?

What about DADT...is it dead? How about the DREAM Act or DOMA or ENDA? All dead because the GOP told you NO? You can't get them to compromise now...with a majority in Congress. What happens come January when they control the House? Do you really think these bills are going to pass?

Walking the walk is much more important than talking the talk, Mr. President. Don't need no more pretty speeches and soaring words....need some action....need  to throw some punches ...need to bury your size 12 in somebody's GOP ass...

It feels good to sweat....C'mon Mr. President...time to sweat for something other than a pick up basketball game on Sunday with your chums.
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