Palin's Haitian Drive-By

In another seemingly nonsensical move in her sorta march toward the 2012 presidential election campaign, the half governator and failed Vice Presidential candidate from that great state of Alaska made a trip to Haiti this weekend. You can read the CNN story here
For what? Why now? The Haitian story has died down. It's over, as news stories go. Pushed to the back burner in the minds of most people, especially the ADHD voters of America. 

The corrupt government is not taking care of its people, the devastation remains and a cholera outbreak is in full swing. Why would a wannabe presidential candidate travel there now, when it's still so dangerous?

Maybe shooting helpless caribou on camera isn't enough to prove bravery. Maybe going to Africa was too big an undertaking at this point in time. But, venturing into the western heart of darkness, surrounded by armed guards and walking among the swarthy island natives is a better way and safer way to prove  worth to the American people and the world.

That's it, do a Tarzan turn and flip the script a bit...you know...white girl among the savages....pat a darkie on the head and all the other darkies in America will jump on your bandwagon and vote for you! Show white liberals you really and truly care about their minorities. Yeah that would work!

Must have been a really fun brainstorming session for Palin and her gang of Rovian mini brains. Bet no one thought going to Watts or Harlem would make more sense and accomplish the same thing, maybe. At least she'd be talking to people who could possibly do something for her....like, oh I don't know... vote, for instance.

Did she take her witch doctor with her? No, actually she took Todd and Bristol. Guess Willow or whatever that child's name is, finally had to go to school or maybe it was her turn to take care of Track and Trip, the baby props, while they are off stage and out of sight.

The trip wasn't announced to any news organization with the exception of FOX which sent it's cracked political commentator Greta Susteren along for the ride, complete with a camera crew to record for posterity, or for broadcast in the future, in case Lady Sarah needs to prove she can mingle with the masses.

There were no policy announcements except to chastise the American government for not doing more...Huh?

Thought the government was doing too much...spending too much...helping the wrong people...Oh..I get it...helping the bete noire of Haiti is okay...It's the black and brown Americans who don't deserve aid and sustenance from the government that takes its taxes.

She told reporters who were there on the real story; "(I) don't want Americans to forget the need that is here,"..... "More importantly, for Americans and people across the world to know what an individual can do to make a difference, to contribute, to.”

Gee, Sarah...you didn't have to make the trip and use up all that petrol...all you had to do was to write out a check for some of the money you got from your bogus book sales.

You know the old saying “money walks...bullshit talks.
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