Taking Back Their Country.

Will somebody please tell me what kind of symbolism is being invoked tomorrow when the GOP and it's arrogantly imbecilic cousin the Tea Party reads the Constitution during swearing in ceremonies on Capital Hill?

Is this symbolizing the taking back of their country? Inquiring minds want to know?

I thought they'd all read the document and comitted it to memory before they got to Washington.

Othewise how else would they know that Obama is so wrong in his approach to governing the country, other than looking at him, of course.

If they decide to impeach Obama for not being a citizen...are they going to kick John McCain out of Congress, too? McCain was born in Panama...by the way...

What about the one drop rule...is it being written into the Constitution and made to apply to men, since that is the only way it would apply to Obama?

Just askin'

If the new rulers in Washington are really serious about balancing the budget...

1...Are they willing to give back their own health care...when they repeal mine?

2...Are they willing to cut their own salaries....not just their office budgets....by 50%...to show they mean what they say....After all, Why do congressmen need six figure salaries with government spending so out of whack and 15 million Americans are out of work...Congressmen sit on corporate boards and draw salaries...their wives and mistresses are kept employed by lobbyists seeking their votes...and their kids' education are paid for by these same lobbyists, when the kid can't qualify for a legacy grant, or given a job just to keep his daddy or mommy happy and voting for corporate welfare. Will these legacy brats be prevented from using affirmative action grants that were created to help the poor...the name Quayle comes to mind in this context...

If government workers can be laid off or have their salaries frozen to cut the deficit...why not Congressmen and judges? Presidents should be excluded from this salary cut because his is a 24/7 job, unlike Congress. Proof of this is in the incoming speaker's reported office hours and location after 5pm daily.

3....What about the Defense budget....will it be cut and the money redirected into energy programs designed to benefit all instead of just those wealthy enough to invest? When is Congress going to go after Defense contractors and their supporters who have been stealing from the government for years...the names Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Haliburton and Blackwater come to mind..Are these the upcoming investigations that they are promising?

4....How about ending the wars....is that gonna happen quicker? Why are we fighting over there anyway? What's so wrong with a people determining its own method of governance? Why do we have to constantly rebuild the rest of the world in our own image?

5....What happens to all outdated weapons programs...talking about the ones the military says it no longer needs? Why are certain members of Congress still demanding they be funded?

6....What about other useless pork barrel projects? Or is it time to admit that these projects are nothing more than welfare for the wealthy to keep them happy and voting republican?

7....Farm subsidies to rich farmers....the name Bachmann comes to mind...Why are we paying farmers not to grow food? Why are we paying farmers to produce corn for ethanol when most American cars can't use it yet?

8...What about job projects to put people back to work? Why not a new conservation corps to work on roads, highways, bridges and trains? When is Congress going to get serious about job loss and outsourcing that has literally killed the manufacturing base? Why not make all America corporations come back to America to employ Americans?

9....Congress votes this week to raise the debt ceiling.....Isn't that counter to what all the teabaggers and GOP have campaigned against before coming to DC? How are they going to justify this increase....same way they justified extending the Bush tax cuts....pretending they are Nike...just do it?

10....Are they going to make us better off come 2012, considering all they're offering is a re run of 2004 and 2008 in both policy and personnel?

Rather than reading the Constitution....the GOP should read the psychological definition of crazy out loud until it sinks in.....”doing the same thing over and over...but expecting different results..” That's crazy...

Let the games begin....
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