Palin, The Popes and The Patriot Act

Been reading all the rationales, defenses and support for Lady Sarah and her nearly 8 minute video on the recent events in Tucson. Didn't intend to write anything myself because my thoughts on what she said were purely negative and it takes soooo much energy to answer negativity with more negativity. There is already enough of that out there.

However today, I read columnist Stanley Fish, who among other things compared Palin to a Frank Capra story, specifically, Mr Smith Goes to Washington. Fish obviously did a lot of work on the column, as have most who have weighed in on this issue. To me, however, all are missing the point. Fish's column is here.

The 8 minute video by Palin was simply a bad audition tape put together by a wannabe broadcast journalist who has found that huffing politics is a better high that can last for years, if you work it right. She looked uncomfortable in the staged setting. Even her clothing didn't seem to fit right. She was playing the part of a presidential candidate or at least what in her mind was a presidential looking person.. And then, there was that thing she does with her mouth when she finishes a sentence.

Those ticks can make or break you on camera. Instead of taking her cues from Reagan, who was very photogenic, she should have taken one or two from Nixon, who refused to wear make up during his debates with the luminous JFK. That one thing cause Nixon to look bad on camera and probably, more than anything else, lost him the election in 1960. Palin should practice in front of a mirror while she is studying up on policy. It is not only what you say..it is how you look when you say it.


Doesn't there seem to be a rush on to make a saint out of the late Pope John Paul II? His miracle was reportedly curing a French nun of Parkinson’s disease. Well, what about the 2000 or so children who were abused during his reign as Pope? What kind of miracles did he work for them? The evidence is getting stronger every day that he actively took part in the three decade long coverup which was overseen by the current Pope Benedict.

Santo subito? I think not....


The Patriot Act is coming up for renewal once again. This nefarious piece of legislation, which was passed before the ash and dust settled on the World Trade Center, takes away many, many freedoms that we citizens take for granted. Under the Patriot Act, the government can come into your home without a warrant...they can gain access to your phone records, your emails, or your medical records...just to name a few things....without ever having to show that you are suspect of crime. They don't have to ask for them either.

And...there is an on going “gag order” meaning that anyone involved cannot tell you that you are under suspicion, either.

Everything we, write, say or do is now under surveillance by the government, if this act stays on the books. This act means I can be arrested and jailed for what I am writing now.

A simple call or email message to your congressman will help. Big brother really is watching...
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