Barack “ET” Obama

Unemployment drops to 9.4%.....can hear the GOP spin now....”See...we told you tax cuts for the rich and famous would make for more jobs!” Nevermind that it's been steadily improving since Obama took over when he unleashed the GOP crafted stimulous. Wonder if the new majority will suddenly start taking credit for “their “stimulus” and “their” health care bill...anyone who keeps up with the goings on on Capital Hill knows that most of what is in the Health Care Bill originated with the Republicans...They were all for it, until the Black guy decided to get it passed into law..


Ted “I'm straight with issues” Haggard is getting his own “reality show,” on TLC. I'll be TIVOing that right after I set the timer to catch Sarah Palin's Alaska and The Jersey Shore or whatever it's called....You know, the one that stars the fake Italian with the totally fake skin color named Snooki. Based on her sprayed on palor, I'd call her baby Boehner.


Speaking of Big Bad John, can't seem to distinguish between the United States Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. Thought all those teabag/GOP folks had both comitted to memory...

And as for the Bullshit symbolism of reading the Constitution....if it's so perfect....why didn't they read the parts about black people being only worth 3/5ths of a white man?

Today, congress is taking up repeal of the 14th amendment....you know the one that grants citizenship to anybody born in America...Anyone ask "anchor babies" Alberto Gonzales, Michelle Malkin or Bobby Jindal about the proposed repeal?


Major bigot Steve King is hyperventilating overtime to try and get President Obama's citizenship revoked. Doesn't like the Black man and really doesn't like the fact that his middle name is Hussein...Well, oh my, Steve ARNOLD King......any relation to the guy named Benedict Arnold? Is he hiding in your ancestral closet? I guess you'd be all right with that considering that despite being a traitor to America he was an all white American traitor right? Okay to be named after him, huh..


While we're on the subject of citizenship and the Constitution.....Birthers need to get a grip...They keep arguing Obama was born in Africa.....SO WHAT!.....His very lilly white Momma was born in Kansas...she could have given birth on the moon and made his name Barack ET Obama to commemorate the event...and he would still be an American citizen...Daddy was taken out of the equation back around the 1620's.

The bigots are choking on a system they created...It spawns from the “one drop rule.” In other words, back in the day...if you had one drop of black blood in you, then you were considered black regardless of the brightness of your skin tone...heritage was changed to be charted through the mother....not the father...to keep all those magnificent plantations from legally falling into the hands of their secret, dusky off spring....Now that one of the dusky relations has made it to the White House...the Birthers want to change the game yet gain...White people created the system...Black people survived it....Now it's coming back to haunt you...

Another result of this “system” is that Black Americans have more white blood in them than African, and sometimes many whites in general...the term African American should be put to rest....It was useful at one time, back in the days of "I'm black and I'm proud." But we are Americans, period. The term implies that we emigrated to this country instead of being born here or brought here in chains.

We were considered chattel and bred like cattle...bought and sold to enrich whites...you can't run away from that no matter how many times you excise the word “nigger” from your history or literature books.


Wonder how Arizona Gov Jan is sleeping these days....I know there is a special place in hell for people like her...
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