Barefoot, Pregnant and Raped, Oh Well

The proposed plight of women in the teabagger/taliban run world. 

Now that the knuckle draggers of Congress think they have the mandate to change America back to their imagined fantasy world, they have been more forthcoming with specifics. With little fanfare, I would guess, because even their own little women might have a problem with it, a couple of bills have been introduced for consideration on Capital Hill. The bills differ in detail, but their intent is the same-strip women of their rights as human beings, relegating us to little more than sperm vessels for their precious seed.

The House GOP majority, led by Speaker John Boehner, wants to literally change the definition of rape. In other words, it is not rape, unless there is force. What this means is date rape is no longer a crime. Sexing up a teenage girl or boy by a legal and consenting adult, is no longer statutory rape. The intent is to prevent women from using medicaid funds to get an abortion in these cases, since current law allows for an abortion in instances of rape and incest. To their neanderthal way of thinking, if there is no rape, there can be no abortion.

 Another instance, if your 10 year old daughter is repeatedly raped by your 25 year old neighbor and impregnated, she would not qualify for a medicaid funded abortion, again because there was no force involved, as is the case with most incidents of this type. Statistics show that statutory rape and incest  almost never involves the use of force. And, if your daughter is over the age of 18, then the whole situation becomes consensual.  The law allowing for an abortion stands only if the impregnated girl is a minor and the rapist is a relative.

And don't think you can use your Health Savings account to pay for the medical work either because this same bill also bans the use of tax exempt funds...your money...from paying for the abortion as well. Claiming the medical work on your taxes is also history, if this bill passes.

You can read more about it here

The second proposal, cosponsored by the arrogant young Randal Paul wants to fix the legal definition of life at conception. In other words as soon as egg meets sperm, a woman is pregnant and subject to the whims of her government and male overseers. Her body is no longer her own, it is a baby manufacturing plant, whose sole purpose is to turn out a tiny human being regardless of concern for the woman, her mental and physical state, the circumstances of conception, and whether or not the she can afford to care for another human being for the next 20 or so years. In this teabagger/GOP world women simply become more second class then they are now.

Make no mistake about it, if this backward thinking contingent of Congressional idiots gets its way, the impregnated woman will also not be able to seek financial recourse through  federal funds of any kind to help her raise the child, either. If Paul gets his way, women will virtually have no choice but go back to trading their bodies for financial support to the so called masters of the universe. In fact, the way things are going economically, soon, under these bills, only the rich guys like Paul, will be able to erase their little "accidental" ejaculations. 

This heinous measure is called the Life at Conception Act and makes the egg and sperm combination a legal person with full protection from the 14th amendment, which as originally written guarantees equal protection under the law to those born on American soil. It conferred human status on slaves, back in the day. Paul's new definition would make the 14th amendment override Roe v. Wade. Passage of the Life at Conception Act makes it unnecessary to amend the US Constitution, according to Paul the Younger.

I don't know about you, but it boggles my brain that anyone who actually campaigned on the premise of getting government out of the lives of citizens would turn around and sponsor bills such as these. Think about it. If these measures become law, what happens when a woman decides to do something...anything....like eating food containing gluten, for example...that may be considered by some to be harmful to  the fetus, because it may set off an allergy...what happens to the woman...is she hauled off to jail for endangering a minor?

At the same time, Paul, in a bill sponsored with prostitute-loving David Vitter (see, women do have a place in the GOP), wants to prevent babies born to illegal immigrants on American soil from automatic citizenship. These are the so called anchor babies. Well, my question is this....what about the wombs of these illegal females....if the product of their womb is illegal automatically...how does the law govern the body of the illegal woman? Can she be jailed for getting pregnant? Will she simply be arrested as soon as she shows up at a hospital? Or will there be a new natal police force, formed to patrol poor neighborhoods, airports, boat harbors and train stations looking for obese women who may be pregnant and not just fat.

The teabaggers like Paul claimed to be only interested in economic and fiscal issues, however the first words out of their collective mouth reveals them to be no different than the failed moral majority social conservatives of the past. These American Taliban simply hid their real pro birther agenda and fooled enough people to get elected, and closer to where they can do some real damage to women, the poor and other racial and gender minorities.

Unless women stand up, the attempts to strip women of human being status will continue. Talking about revolution, ya'll!

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