Let the Bitch Die! Protecting Life-Not!

Okay, so the neanderthals in Congress decided not to change the definition of rape. However, it is still not safe for women on the streets. These same fools have quickly submitted another travesty designed to keep women strait-jacketed in second class citizenship.

House Bill 358 is called the Protect Life Act. It is a mere 9 pages long and was introduced as an amendment to the current Health Care Law, passed last year. Rather than protecting women, this amendment seeks to "protect" hospitals and medical clinics and health care workers from "discrimination" should they refuse to perform an abortion.

You see, there is a law on the books, passed back in 1986, requiring hospitals to give emergency treatment to people, regardless of whether or not they can pay the bill. It is called the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act, or EMTALA. If a hospital is unable to provide the correct treatment, then they must transfer the patient to a hospital who can treat properly, and the receiving hospital CANNOT refuse to accept the patient.

This is law, and it includes abortion, if necessary to save a woman's life.

H.R. 358 seeks to void this requirement, thereby allowing a hospital or "health care entity" to refuse an abortion or a transfer to an woman without exception. In other words, let the bitch die, baby too, since there are no exemptions written into the proposal.

It does not matter if the mother or child are at risk.

This bill hardly lives up to its name, after all, whose life is being protected here, and what happened to all that fiscal responsibility and get the government out of our life rhetoric. A measure such as this levies more government control on women. But  then, I guess if you look at it from a male standpoint, it is less.....dead baby mamas and no tiny little mouths to feed or raise or educate. Sounds like a perfect world for some sperm donors.

I mean no disrespect to the men who handle their responsibilities. I have a problem with the so called "men" who dream up ways to keep women down and dependent on men. There is no law in this universe, except prison that strips a man of control over his own body, and even then,  prison is temporary.


The law of the land is clear. Roe v. Wade says it is a woman's choice, period. End of discussion.

The teabaggers have unmasked themselves to be nothing more than the American wing of the Taliban, religious radicals bent on subverting women to their will, in the name of their so called gods.

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