Pro-Birthers Lack Heart and Smarts with Heartbeat Proposal

Ohio Abortion bill would radically change the landscape in the fight for choice for women.

Later today, so called socially conservative Republicans will introduce a measure into the Ohio House that would make a legally defined and protected human being out of a clump of cells in the womb of any woman finding herself pregnant. This magical transformation would happen 18 days into the pregnancy, or as soon as doctors can detect a heartbeat.  There is no regard for the woman who carries this legalized fetus, no concern for how she got pregnant, nor whether she is able to care for the child and raise it properly.

No, 18 days into her pregnancy, whether she knows she is pregnant or not, the woman is reduced to a walking, talking incubator.  Her life, her body suddenly and now completely snatched away from her control, subverted in favor of nurturing a possible human being.  At 18 days, the fetus is not viable. Hell, it's not even recognizable as human, more resembling a tadpole( that's a baby frog for you biology-fearing creationists) than a baby, save that it has a heartbeat. Well, so do other types of clumps of cells. An amoeba can have a heartbeat or heartbeat-resembling pulse, but that doesn't make it viably human.

This conundrum is not a  concern to the pro-birthers. The fate and well being of the woman does not concern the pro-birthers.  Only the tiny clump of maybe-a-baby concerns the pro-birthers, and only then until it gets born. It's viability, its mental health and well being outside the womb are never a concern for these people.  Once it's born, the legalized human being becomes society's problem. 

This is not pro life.  This is a return to women as property...property of their husbands, fathers, brothers and in current modern, 21st century America...the government since most births these days are to single, unmarried women.  The government takes care of these maybe-children...only now...under this bill...it would start 18 days after consensual or otherwise conception, and well before it can take care of itself.

What happened to "get the government out of our lives" or does that only apply to humans born with a penis?  What happened to fiscal responsibility and shrinking government spending? Can somebody please tell me how this "heartbeat bill" is fiscally and morally responsible. Because the truth of the matter is that this measure is neither....fiscally nor morally just.  The bible does not say "love thy brother as thy love thyself with the exception of women."  There is no clause anywhere in the bible that elevates giving birth above the life of the mother. There is not an ounce of responsibility built into this proposed law. It is a measure designed only to control fully half the world population through bad law. 

And it presents other fiscally irresponsible problems. For instance, who is going to enforce this bill? More important, who is going to pay for the enforcement of this bill?  Are women going to be arrested and jailed for exercising their human rights as citizens of the United States and fully functioning viable human beings?

Are doctors going to be deputized and forced into reporting pregnant women to the state, like they already have to report gunshot wounds? Are pregnant women going to be forced into incubation concentration camps to ensure they carry to term? 

Will the President create a cabinet level post called the Department of Fertility designed to oversee and control women from puberty through their most fertile years to make sure that any potential maybe-babies make it through the birth process? Will the Department dispense medical and financial care before, during and after pregnancy to the female and her child?

Sounds like someone is attempting to make Margaret Atwood's novel, THE HANDMAID'S TALE, come to life, except given the social right's abhorrence of all things academic, I doubt they've even heard of the book.

Enslaving women....legalizing rape and incest.....what else do the socially conservative teabaggers have up their collective sleeves....They literally lied to the American people in order to get elected by running on a platform of financial governmental responsibility.

Now that they have revealed their true agenda of morality engineering....how long do you think they will stay in office?

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