Buckeye John Kasich

Will somebody please explain to me the necessity of approaching a sitting governor in the 21st century to ask him to put people of color or of non heterosexual persuasion in his cabinet? John Kasich, the newly installed governor of the great state of Ohio has chosen his cabinet and advisors. He's even bragged that he has given his aides pay raises before they go on the job.

They will be the highest paid gubernatorial  flunkies in the history of the Buckeye state and not one of them black, brown or queer. Most of them are male. Now with a 13% minority state population, you would think that John-boy would have at least one black or brown or gay friend qualified to help him out...answer a few phones...hold his coat...walk ten paces behind so the photogs can see he's not afraid of minorities.

 Kenny Blackwell is still out there somewhere. Charlie Winburn is available for anything. He'd leave Cincinnati City Council in a heartbeat. I hear Michael Steele is looking for a window seat. There are lots of young up and coming minorities fresh out of college who don't remember the bad old days of racism and think being republican is the best thing to be in this allegedly non racial world. Did they all leave town for States who walk the walk instead of just talk?

It is simply amazing to me that the very people who deny the need for affirmative action, equal opportunity, civil rights and equality laws while claiming to be compassionately and Christ-like in their conservatism, with  nonracial viewpoints about life, always seem to get caught perpetrating, as we say in the ghetto.

 By the way,  in this age of tightening budgets, Kasich has already killed the job-making light rail system, said "no" to federal education funds, literally screwing Ohio school districts, and supports repealing health care, as well as cutting back on medicaid and medicare.

So much for government of the people and for all of the people.

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