Excess Mortality-Death by Insurance Policy

The Health/Insurance Industry's term to describe the people who die because they are uninsured.

A report from the Institute of Medicine blames health industry policies directly for the deaths of 27,000-40,000 Americans every year. The conservatives on the panel said that as few as 22,000 died per year.

The Federal Census Bureau backs up these claims with their own set of statistics.

137,000 people dead between 2000 and 2006, according to the Census Bureau....

This is what the Right wing is fighting for. They want to continue to allow the insurance companies to kill us with their policies on who gets coverage and who doesn't.


Truth About European Health Care

Europeans are laughing at Americans...In Europe everyone has healthcare...In America...only rich people have healthcare...

If Steven Hawking lived in the US...he would have died a long time ago..

The wingnuts continue to feed lies about the British National Health Service..

Read the truth for yourself..


Obama Get Serious

If Obama were really serious about health care reform in America, he would mandate that the age limit of 65 on Medicare be dropped....

That way....everyone in America would have coverage....


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