Hamburgers, Old Fossils and Getting Fat by Breathing

(originally posted 3/29/07)

Unless you live under a rock or somewhere else deep inside the earth, you know that too many calories and not enough exercise will make you fat. Well, there is a new study out that claims that air pollution is also contributing to America’s big butt epidemic.

Researchers cautioned that the evidence is preliminary at this point, but what they are seeing is chemicals in the air that triggers a process called adipogenesis, which in laymen’s terms is fat-cell activity. The findings were presented at last month’s American Association for the Advancement of Science. Scientists even have a name for these fat causing chemicals. They are called “obesogens.”

So what do we do now? Stop breathing?


Well, god love her, that old fossil Phyllis Schlafly is apparently still alive with foot still firmly planted in her mouth. You would think she would’ve choked on it by now. But not so. The former head of the very conservative right wing organization Eagle Forum, has reared her doddering gray head to tell us that women can not be raped by their husbands.

According to Dr. Phyl, once a woman enters into marriage she consents to sex whenever and where ever hubby wants it, period. Schlafly also thinks and says that women are physically inferior to men and should not be firefighters, soldiers, police officers or construction workers, among other things.

No female soldiers? Hmmmm. What about all the women who are fighting and dying in Iraq, sent there by Dr. Phyl’s political party of choice. She dares to call these women inferior?

And speaking of inferior, anyone check on Schlafly’s gay son lately? Or is he still bound and gagged and quietly in the closet?


Burger King, number two and apparently trying harder, has decided to be more humane about the food it is serving up. The giant fast food chain has decided that in the future it will only serve eggs and pork purchased from free range animal farmers instead of from those who confine their livestock to crates and cages. PETA and other animal rights organizations applauded the decision as the humane way to go.

Inquiring minds want to know.....If you’re patronizing Burger King or Mickey D’s, or Jack in the Box or whom ever, do you really give a damn about how the animal was humanely kept or put to death before it got to your plate?

Don’t you really only worry about whether it’s fast, hot, and not breathing on the bun before you sink your teeth into it?

If humane really meant anything don’t you think you’d be vegetarian? Just asking...
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