Orly Taitz...Not a Citizen

UPDATE: Since writing this post, and after further investigation, apparently Taitz is an American citizen. She is also campaigning to become California Secretary of State. Taitz is campaigning as a Republican, and has pledged to continue her pursuit of Barack Obama..

More on the Queen of the Birther movement....seems old girl is everything she has accused Obama of being....not born in the United States and not a citizen...born or otherwise...

Taitz was apparently born in the Soviet Socialist Republic of Moldavia...that makes her an old school communist...or commie pinko fag...as I believe the term was back in the day..

She went from there to Israel. In 1987 she emigrated to the United States...And after acquiring her "law degree" went on her rampage against Obama.....

The only state where she is allowed to use her online internet law degree has filed a complaint asking that she be disbarred...Check this out for more information, including a PDF link to the original complaint..
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