Runner has Too Much Testosterone

The South African runner who is being publicly subjected to gender testing by the international athletic federation has apparently been found to have three times the amount of testosterone in her body that "normal" women have..

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John E. Carter, Doo Wop Legend...R.I.P.
The first concert that I was allowed to attend without parents was down at the Taft Theater, circa 1963-64, and featured The Dells and The Four Seasons. It wasn't Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons at that time, although he was a member of the group... it was just the Four Seasons.

They were the hottest two groups around, along with the Manhattans, who were also on the bill that night. And while I loved all the groups, I was there to hear The Dells do "Oh What a Night" and "Stay in My Corner."

Mr Carter had that distinctive falsetto...unduplicated to this day. His voice is a part of the some the better memories of my life. I still play this music when I wax nostalgic for the old days..

Rest in Peace Mr. Carter. He was 75.

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