Monday Morning Apology

Sarah Palin is still in the news, this time it's word that she is going to get that brand new passport of hers wet and visit Asia next month.

Seems she is going to deliver a speech to a bunch of MBA's in business and finance about World financial and business matters. A spokesperson for the inviting group said they like hearing from the people who influence the world markets....All rightey then.....


(originally posted 9/8/08)

I’m sorry that I called Sarah Palin just an “old white guy republican in a dress.” That was an insult to old white guy republicans. I’ve known a few in my life and other than their political leanings, they are actually good people. Some of them anyway.

The more I see and read about Sarah Palin, the more convinced I am that she is closer to a Taliban...you know those guys we’re fighting in Afghanistan....The ones who want to impose their world on that country as well as the rest of us.

Question: What is the difference between right wing Christian conservatives and Osama bin Laden muslim extremists? Somebody answer that for me, please...because I don’t see a difference in their world views...

In fact, I wonder when or if anyone in the mainstream media is going to question her about her religious beliefs the way they vetted Obama about his. Palin’s church is hosting a conference that claims, among other things, that it can “pray away the gay in you.” Changing gays into straights...hmmmmmmmmm..are the Log Cabin Republicans invited to this event. ..The national pentecostal ruling body, since 1949, has repeatedly condemned Palin’s view of Christianity as being to “out there” for them, too...Why is she getting pass?....When is the MSM going to put Palin’s pastor on the revolving sound loop?

John McCain went on Ellen Degeneres’ show last season.....Is Sarah going to make an appearance, too? Can’t wait for that conversation, if it happens.

I can’t wait for her first interview, period. For someone who allegedly wants the right to govern all of the people, she sure is shy about putting herself out in front of her would be constituents. My honest feeling is that she is a loose cannon and all the right reporter has to do is to give her enough rope and she will hang herself. Her arrogance matches her running mate’s ego...dangerous...

STUPID....a word that keeps cropping up in conversation, lately...as in “How STUPID is it that the GOP is claiming to be the party of change, when they’ve been the party in power for the past 8 years and most of the last 20....The really STUPID part is that they think we’re STUPID enough to buy that bullshit again........Well, are we?

UPPITY....Some political fool named Westmoreland used that word in direct reference to the Obama’s. And although he claims not to know the racial tinge to that word, despite the fact that he is a southerner older than me, he used it correctly...

Personally, I prefer dealing with bigots like Westmoreland, because I know where they’re coming from, they’re happy to tell me...no guessing needed....It’s the closet cases who bother me...you know the ones who stand before the American flag claiming to be my friend, while voting against any and every issue that would help me and those like me.....Anybody come to mind?

ELITIST...same as UPPITY...no other explanation necessary..Why not just drop all the subterfuge and use the word you really want to use....N******! Go ahead, put it out there...that’s the one you really, really want! You ain’t foolin’ nobody...

LIES....as in I’ve been in washington for 26 years and I’m still a maverick...ha! Or, I favor women’s rights and support family values....Okay....Here’s one from me.....”I’m gonna vote for McCain/ Palin” in November...


Yeah, that’s the ticket!
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