Still Picking on Hillary

Birther rejects working obscure rule to unseat Clinton as Secretary of State

There's apparently a new movement out there folks, and it's called the Eligibility Movement. This Eligibility Movement is an off shoot of the looney tunes Birther Movement led by the crazy Russian Expat by way of Israel, Orly Taitz.

Birthers, as you know spend their time trying to get President Obama thrown out of the White House because they say he is not a citizen of the United States and should never have been elected in the first place.

Despite heavy backing from the GOP Obama boycotters in Congress, they are considered little more than a joke among most “real Americans.”

So, I'm guessing all that pent up energy has to go somewhere, so some long time foreign service officer has decided to focus on another target, and that happens to be Hillary Clinton.

You can read the full article here.

David C Rodearmel, has brought suit in federal court claiming that Hillary's appointment is unconstitutional, because she was a Senator in Congress first. And nutty as this may sound, he is standing on a kernel of truth. Granted, his kernel of truth is about as solid as a one legged man playing a fiddle while walking on a tightrope, but it is there, none the less.

In fact, Presidents going back to Richard Nixon have had to quietly guard themselves against the “Emoluments Clause,” which basically prevents members of Congress from taking a federal job, if Congress increased the salary for that job while they held congressional office. It came about as a way to combat corruption in government. Okay.

The salary for Secretary of State went up in 2008 and Hillary was still in the Senate at that time. But Obama did what all Presidents since Richard Nixon have done....he invoked the “Saxbe fix.” This maneuver is named after Ohio Republican Bill Saxbe, who Nixon appointed Attorney General during the Watergate scandal.

The way it's done is the President who wants to appoint a congressman asks Congress to repeal the pay raises for the position in question, so that the salary is the same as it was BEFORE, the nominee was elected to office. As I said, Nixon thought it up and every President since that time has used it to solve the problem.

Well, as we've seen in the past couple of years, what's good for GOP presidents is not good for Obama. Some how when he does it, its illegal and unconstitutional.

Hell, just getting born was illegal for Obama, if you pay attention to these clowns.

Rodearmel says he is just doing his duty and protecting the Constitution, the fact that he gave money to the Swift Boaters has absolutely nothing to do with his present intentions. Judicial Watch, a NeoCon group that regularly brings suits against both Clintons is also board with this action.

It should also be noted that Hillary is his boss, he's still employed at the State Department. A federal court has already tossed his suit telling him he lacked standing to bring it in the first place. When a judge tells you, you lack standing, it's like saying “no harm, no foul, play ball.”

In other words, Dork, can't be too bad, you're still working for the lady.

The bad news for Hillary is that when these frivolous cases are tossed they now go directly to the United States Supreme Court, thanks to yet another GOP “fix” buried in the federal court system.

I have long said that the real damage done these past 30 years by the GOP has been at the federal level. The courts have been quietly gerrymandered away from objectivity in favor of subjectivity for business and the rich and powerful.

Witness, the recent SupCo ruling which will allow business to buy elections. Think the 2000 hijacking of the presidential election was bad.....well, just wait...things are about to get much worse...

The problem with this going to the Supreme Court is Justice Steven Breyer. Breyer, who was appointed by Bill Clinton and usually sides with the liberal justices, has already written an opinion on the Emoluments Clause.

He did this while still a law professor many years ago. But it still reflects his thinking on this rule of law. In letters to Senator Robert Byrd, Breyer said the Saxbe fix was unconstitutional and therein lies the conservative hope.

Since Breyer is now on the Supreme Court, they hope he will favor their side, if and when it ever comes to a vote.

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