Abortion Reality Show?! WTF!

I really thought when I stumbled across this article, that it was a joke. Some writer didn't have anything else to do, so they made something up. It happens. Not all written stuff should be taken seriously, even if it is real.

However, this is not a joke. Two guys, mind you, have created a reality show, with three women contestants who go on the show and let viewers decide whether or not to have an abortion. You can read the article here.

I really try not to judge people, unless they repeatedly demonstrate their mindless ignorance, and even then, usually my judgment is to decide not to personally watch or read or patronize them in any way. I can't control your world, nor do I want to, but I can certainly control mine.

This, however, crosses all lines of respect for women, morality, decency and just plain common sense. There is absolutely nothing funny or remotely entertaining about a woman making a life altering decision like this.

Abortion or the decision making leading up to the choice. is not a spectator sport for the hyper-testosterone, all life is sport competition junkies tired of their murder/death/kill video games.

And attempting to couch it in pseudo acceptable Obamaspeak...as in "we need to find new ways to dialogue about old and touchy subjects.." wreaks of tasteless, immature hypocrisy.

Some of us older than 18 spent a couple of lifetimes getting the discussion to where it is today......a discussion between the woman and her doctor...rather than to have it relegated to a gossip topic on a reality show with an audience of nitwits dying to play fly on the wall during a serious situation..

Call it what it is.....two guys looking for another way to update and present their lesbian sex fantasy to the world with hopes of cashing in.....wink, wink!

Brainless guys and the low self esteemed women who love them will run to tune in...

Truly loving someone...means not denigrating them in anyway...These fools need to think about what their reality show says about their respect for their mothers, grandmothers, aunts, girlfriends and female friends...I know they have mothers, but I wonder if they have girlfriends, brainless or otherwise..

And before you ask.............No I haven't seen this show....And No, I won't ever see this show...

The idea from jump is bad, and doesn't deserve the light of day, ever!
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