Friday Rap

Vanity Fair Comes to the Nati

No, I'm not talking about the racist cover article... I'm talking about the one that's got some Cincinnatians upset because it dissed us here in the Queen City.....The diss was by some British wannabe writer exile who apparently flew here to visit the Creation Museum and didn't like his cab ride or something...One of the knocks on the city was that it took us sooooooo long to react to his poorly written tripe...

Well...it took so long to react to this so called slight in the first place because, honestly...who reads Vanity Fair magazine?

I mean, in my community, Vanity Fair is only famous for who it doesn't put on its cover or write about in its pages...

To paraphrase Kanye West....and let me be clear...I despise all things Kanye....”Vanity Fair don't like Black people.”

And as I've said before....I don't deal with anyone or anything, which obviously doesn't like me or my kind. It's my own personal ongoing boycott of all things racist and/or bigoted in America..

Vanity Fair fits that bill to a “t” and apparently a lot of people agree with me...

As for slamming Cincinnati because of the Creation Museum....we have many, many museums in Cincinnati....National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, The Museum Center at Union Terminal, The Cincinnati Art Museum, The Taft Museum, to name just a few....

But the Creation Museum is in Kentucky...not Ohio...and last time I looked...Cincinnati was in Ohio..and so, for that matter, is the airport that this ill informed second class scribe reportedly flew into..so my question is....was he ever in Cincinnati in the first place?

Regardless....I've wasted far too many words on nothing....so let's move on shall we...


Tiger Woo

tiger, tiger, not so bright

back from rehab full of fight

tired of hiding, ready to play

back to the course after slight delay

mea culpa news conference first he must hold

re-polishing his image before retrieving his gold

no broken teeth nor busted lip

covered up with doctor's trip

he'll talk at the media

but no questions he'll take

He's the Tiger after all, no need to fake

Sorry, he'll say, but not really mean it

He's still god on the course, of course

of course....


Elton, my Elton

One Brit that I dearly love is Elton John...The famously anti religious Sir Elton told the world that Jesus was a gay man.....

I'm okay with that because I'm convinced that God is a Black woman and what better couple to bring civility to this crazy world than a fierce and compassionate Black woman and a fabulously fashion forward gay man.....

God being a man goes against everything we know about creation....men don't create...so why would the first humans who populated the world and related to it at the basest levels...worship the human who can't create, while the other human, woman, was busy popping out life every 9 months...think about it..

Doesn't make sense..

The Bible....man's first revision of the way of the world...and his first grab at power and control....


CPAC Circle Jerk

John Birch Society sponsored yearly gathering of conspiracy theory conservatives. Darth Cheney and his mealy mouthed daughter standing in the middle of the circle....see dick run...run, dick run...

Sounds like a venereal disease...


Homegrown Suicide Bomber

Another mad, arrogant SOB takes the coward's way out...flies his plane into a building and kills innocent people...wingnut blogs praise this guy for taking a stand against the government

What stand...he killed innocent people...He's a murderer, period.

He killed for his own highly personal reasons..nothing more


Crazy Killer Lady

Kills her brother...accident

Suspected of mailing bomb to colleague...never charged.

Slaps a Stranger in the head in a restaurant.....gets hit with fine

Kills 3 colleagues, wounds 3 others at faculty meeting.....now charged with murder

She says it didn't happen....

Husband seems a nutty as she appears to be...

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