Friday Rap

Michele Bachmann, that self described “lovable little fuzzball” is coming to Cincinnati tonight. She is headlining the Hamilton County Republican Dinner, which is being held at Paul Brown Stadium. I guess they are expecting a lot of people to show up tonight.

The whole Tea Bagger party has been invited, I understand. Tea Baggers live mostly outside of the Nati city limits, but they do drive in via the interstates to attend football games. They do know where the stadium is, even if they don't the support the city, itself.

I used to see suburbanites in my neighborhood all the time, driving through the hood looking for drugs. But not so much anymore since the police have dispatched the meth pushers and weed dealers to the burbs. But I digress.

Bachmann, in case you don't know who she is, is the GOP rep from Minnesota who is presently calling for cancellation of both Medicare and Social Security programs. That should make all those white haired old Republicans happy.

She's against health care reform, too, despite using taxpayer money as a Congressman and to raise a bunch of foster kids. She's been on the dole for years. But I guess we can't call her a welfare queen, can we, since we all know that welfare queens live in the ghetto. Yeah, right.


Rep Steve King-Michele Bachmann in drag

Steve King takes the House floor to defend lobbyists. Says they never, ever, ever lie to him. Says he would cut them off if he found one lying or giving him false information.

Wonder if that includes giving back all the money they've given him over the years.

Check out his statment here.


Jim Bunning

A walking, talking argument for term limits. This senile old coot has been dumped by the GOP in Kentucky, so I guess he is taking it out on everybody else, by blocking the bill that would extend unemployment benefits for 1.4 million Americans.

So much for Republican compassionate conservatism. Bunning says he is worried about the deficit. But like every other GOP member in the House and Senate, deficit spending didn't matter until Obama took office. Now they're worried.



Palin Watch

Dear Sarah is the next big headliner at the NRA dinner. They like her because she likes guns and shooting things. I know something that Sarah and the NRA could team up for...

The State of Florida has declared open season on big snakes, where anyone with a weapon and a hunting license can go down and shoot and kill any python over 10 feet long. The State estimates there are about 30,000 that need to be killed.

The NRA could do us all a service and go shoot some snakes before they multiply and start migrating cross country.

Sarah could lead the hunt for them. Of course if she's as tough as she pretends to be, she'll fore go the automatic rifle and hunt the big snakes like a pro using a machete to cut their heads off.

That means she'd have to get up close and personal, rather than snipe from a distance.



That GOP chocolate peril, otherwise known as Michael Steele says reconciliation is a low down, underhanded parliamentary trick that the Democrats want to use to pass health care reform..

Hey Mikey....the GOP uses that trick more often than Democrats....Why is it okay for the Republicans to use it....but not Democrats? Hmmm?


Palin redux

Bill O'Reilly says Lady Sarah needs to go college...I thought she already did that...Several times in fact...

What makes him think it's gonna be any better this time around?
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