Friday Rap

Tea Party Convention

Underway with no American Flag and no Pledge of Allegiance to open the session and they call themselves patriots...please! Where are the flag pins? Where is the Lord's Prayer? Where the Black people at?

One thing's for sure about this Convention...Sarah Palin is going to show up and she's going to make out a like a bandit...

She says she is going to put her $100,000 speaking fee back into the movement...no specifics...just another blind promise like always..

And she has some company....Orangeman otherwise known as Ohio Congressman John Boehner (and no, I didn't vote for this fool), finally admits to being a tea bagger..says he's one of them....also said yesterday that Wall Street should give him some money so he can bury Obama....hmmm


GOP Extortion Plot

Word out of DC this morning that one GOP fool of a lawmaker has put a hold on every Obama nominee for whatever....

Now, that's not very bipartisan, nor is it an attempt to represent the people. Blanket holds are for one reason only and that is to mess with the other party, period..

Certainly not about governance of the people, by the people or for the people..

Maybe O needs to conjure up LBJ...you remember him Lynchin' Baines Johnson, one of the best Congressman ever at twisting arms and getting legislation passed on Capital Hill...and that's before he took the White House away from JFK....but that's another story altogether.



Despite how wrongly they've been treated...many LGBT military want back in...That's what you call patriotism and love of country.

I never see any tea baggers, Dick Cheney relatives or fake god and country people calling for a reinstitution of the draft...Clearly, our country needs help on the war front.....


Terror trial in NY

When are Americans going to understand that citizens have to shoulder some responsibility. You want a a war on terror...but you don't want the inconvenience or necessary sacrifice in your life or a terror trial in your backyard....when the bad guys are caught........that's called white flight...or “don't bring em to my neighborhood”

You want the military to find and kill Bin Laden...yet you're not willing to support a draft to give the military enough people to fight a real war or to find the terrorist....

You continue to demand solutions from the government....yet continue to return the obstructionists to the Hill to keep progress from happening..

The problem with white flight is that eventually the problem comes to you...(ever notice the meths labs and drug busts are all in the burbs and rural areas these days, and not in the ghettos).... and you've got no where else to run...

Obama's canceled the moon program a couple of days ago...now what cha gon do?



Heard from my Congressman yesterday....calling me “Jo” like he knows me..Thank you Congressman for addressing my concern. But I'm still not voting for you next time around.

I mean what I say. If you can talk to me when we agree...you should also talk to me when we don't. That is what I call representation. It's a dialogue between representative and constituent...not a happy sleepover, where we play games and tell each other how pretty we are.

You respect me, I respect you.

Ya know what, sometimes I may not like you, but honesty and respect, will get my vote every time.

You lost this one.



I don't know about the rest of the country, but here in Ohio, 7AM to Noon is the queerest block on television....starting with GMA or Gay-M-A, as some call it.....Wendy Williams...Ellen...and The View.......Love it!

This block is the background noise for my writing, five days a week..


Superbowl....Saint or Colts

My heart is with the Saints.....My head and money are on the Colts....Go Peyton!

Considering where Peyton lives and grew up...New Orleans is the winner no matter who takes home the trophy..

And....I saw a sneak preview of somebody doing the Bears Super Bowl shuffle again...I need a dose of my Bears....That was my favorite superbowl!
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