Lynn Forester de Rothchild-Hey World Remember Me?!

The problem with gloating and saying “I told you so,” is that you really should wait until the fight is over, before you start dancing.
Talking about Lady Lynn Forester de Rothchild, who penned a blog post in today's The Daily Beast, once again attacking Barack Obama. You can read it here.
This woman is a very wealthy woman who apparently used to raise money for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton in particular until the Party offended her and nominated a candidate not named Hillary. De Rothchild retaliated by throwing her immense wealth and “talent” whatever that is, behind John McCain. She can't be too talented or much of a leader, since not too many Democrats followed her, and her boy didn't get elected.
She said McCain was better for the country and that Obama was an elitist, which is the modern day code word for nigger among the more conservative elements in America. Lady de Rothchild says she loves her country more than her party, as justification for her switch in allegiance.
Trouble is she declares this love from her husband's castle in London, England. She wasn't born a de Rothchild, she married it, earning it the way most women of her ilk do. She also claims Obama is a socialist attempting to make America like European Socialistic nations....like England maybe?
I know that England is officially a monarchy, but it does have a socialistic bend when it comes to things like healthcare, for instance. If Obama is a socialist then I would think that Lady de Rothchild would feel right at home here, in an Obama America.
But we all know that is not the reason she has a problem with Obama or most of America. Because most of America elected Barack Obama. Her candidate lost in a landslide in 2008.
de Rothchild's candidate would have bombed Iran by now, setting the stage for nuclear holocaust and driven America off the economic cliff and straight into anarchy and that is according to most expert economists regardless of their political leanings.
The Lady is still operating from the misguided premise that she and people like her know what's better for us than we do. Her Marie Antoinette-like “let them eat cake” tendencies simply don't fly these days, if they ever did in the first place. I'm sure she feels right at home with the likes of Trent "black people were better off in slavery" whatever his name is, in power and running things.
She says that Obama is not interested in bipartisanship. I wish that were true, because personally, I think he is wasting time talking to the likes of John McCain, and almost every GOP member in Congress.
I certainly feel that courting people like the Lady de Rothchild is also a big waste of time, since Her husband and in laws are also very complicit in the world economic and banking crisis rocking the globe as we speak.
However, to get back to my original point, Obama has not lost a fight yet. He hasn't lost Healthcare reform yet. He hasn't lost banking/wall street reform, or put aside the energy crisis or the gas crisis. He is working through the Iraq and Afghanistan situations left by Bush, McCain and company.
He is working on the deficit. He is working on DADT and DOMA. He has a jobs agenda. Even with all of these problems, he has accomplished more for the people in one year than any other president in the history of the United States.
So you can't say I told you so, until the fat lady sings...And she's not even tuning up...yet...
It's still a long, long way to 2012.
Maybe Lady Lynn should go back to that Ivory Tower in which she lives and let the rest of us figure out how we are going to live in these tough economic times day to day, courtesy of her family, friends, associates and political allies.
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