Bart Stupak Lies About Health Care

"They want to take away a woman's right to choose, even in the earliest stages of a pregnancy, even if it impacts her health, her ability to remain fertile, her ability to avoid a very serious health issue, such as a heart problem or a stroke,"... "They don't want to have an exception for women's health, no questions that's what they want." -Barbara Boxer (D-California)

Congressman Bart Stupak is a lying sack of crap.

He claims to be standing on the principle, that the current health care reform proposal does not adhere to federal law governing a woman's right to choose, and therefore must be strengthened.

This is a bald faced lie.

Current law says, a woman has a right to choose an abortion as part of her health care choices. This is Roe v Wade, in operation since 1973. Roe v Wade is still in force. Nobody has repealed it.

The Hyde Amendment bans the use of federal funds in paying for an abortion. This law is on the books and functioning, as we speak, since 1976. Nobody has repealed The Hyde Amendment.

The proposed healthcare reform bill is written in keeping with these federal mandates.

However, the Stupak-Pitts anti abortion amendment that Stupak is attempting to force onto women, by way of the current health care bill, wants to prevent women from buying abortion coverage in their private health care packages.

We're not talking about federal funding here. We're talking about money from a woman's own pocket, her private funds and money. This goes well beyond The Hyde Amendment's scope.

If Stupak and the other 11 Democrats who are standing with him, get their way, there will be no legal way for a woman to exercise her constitutional and legal rights as a citizen to decide her own personal healthcare, let alone how she spends her money.

The only difference between Bart Stupak and his boys and the Taliban in the Middle East is the Taliban just kill women outright. They don't play, they just take em out to the field and shoot em, end of discussion.

Stupak would have you believe, that unlike the Taliban he has no blood on his hands. Well, au contraire, mon frere.....killing them outright with a gun in a field or condemning women to die in back alley abortion mills at the end of a coat hanger is the same thing...very bloody business...

In the name of God or Allah, it makes no difference....women will die...and all because some pseudo religious asshole takes a stand on his own perverted principles without regard for anyone else. Just because he can.

Stupak's stance is no different than Timothy McVeigh, or that fool who flew the plane into the IRS building or the 19 Saudi Nationals who took down the trade center towers. They all stood on personal, and misguided principle based in religion and self righteousness.

His stance will not affect his family, his wife, his daughters, his sisters...just like us not having healthcare doesn't affect him personally.

Stupid is going to have his healthcare, whether the rest of us do or not. He tells the MSM he is favor of healthcare...

Another bald faced lie.

If he favors health care reform...then he needs to vote for it, period.

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