Friday Rap

Cincinnati...five murders in five days, including two shot, a couple stabbings...WTF? It ain't that warm outside, yet people...chill...probably a turf war of some kind going on...

Cincinnati PD took down a large gang last year...locked em up...so naturally, the other wannabe knuckleheads want to expand their turf....


White lion...white tiger...big cat seen by several people going over a fence yesterday morning...Folks are laughing... not believin'.....well...ask that lady near the zoo who woke up one morning a couple of years ago, to find a panda on her back porch looking for food...baby was hungry...smelled some bamboo bakin'....

Zoo said all their lions and tigers and bears are accounted for...sorry couldn't resist..


Legalizing marijuana has made it to the ballot in California...Amid reports of the arrest of the guy making the most money selling weed to Americans (12 million dollars a month), comes another attempt to legalize the drug.....

Sounds good to me. Taxing marijuana, and treating it like alcohol would generate an estimated 1.4 billion dollars a year in tax revenue for California alone. Imagine what it could do for American government coffers.

No need to study the matter. Just look at the arrested dude's monthly cash flow. Making it legal stops all the killing that is threatening to overwhelm our southern borders.

At the very least, decriminalize possession. This stops the 3 to 1 profiling arrests of Blacks...Blacks get locked up 3 times more than whites according to statistics, despite using less of the stuff then whites.


Black GOP dude, named Poitier running for something in South Florida. Calls Obama “buckwheat” while bashing Health Care Reform to a bunch of Republicans. District is 57% Black.

Toast Poitier..has a good ring to it..


Running scared republicans...its' no fun when the bullets, bricks and nasty names are aimed at you is it. Guess maybe it is a good idea to tone down the rhetoric somewhat...because some people on both sides can't tell the difference between "kick his ass" and "kick his ass, wink, wink!" chuckle, chuckle....

Ya'll need to get over that fear of education and book learning and go back to school...

It's also time to start going after those who incite violence. Freedom of speech is a law, but there are also laws against inciting violence...there are laws against sedition and defamation...some kind of libel law should apply here as well.

I'm not a lawyer...just thinking out loud..



There is a rally on fountain square on Sunday March 28th at noon in Cincinnati.

Event: Save the Republic
Start Time: Sunday, March 28 at 12:00pm
End Time: Sunday, March 28 at 3:00pm
Where: Fountain Square

Those attending are asked to wear a white t shirt with a peace sign on it or bring signs talking peace and solidarity..America is for crazy people and sane people and black people and white people and yellow people, and brown people...we need to speak up to drown out the crazies with guns and threats and empty rhetoric...join us...


Pope still hanging in..had a tough week...can't seem to understand why the flock is pissed at him and his boys in the Vatican. Well, Pope Benny, it's never a good idea to sit in judgment while blaming the victim for crimes, that you, yourself helped to cover up.

And it's not just about the abuse scandal, it's about the Church pulling away from or canceling outright all those social services that Jesus talked about in the Bible, just because you're afraid a gay might get through and ask you for help, or god forbid actually receive aid and understanding..

Can't work the gospel when you spending all that time protecting the brothers and their extracurricular activities.


Sarah Palin has apparently inked a deal to star in an 8 part documentary series for the TLC channel. The show will be called Sarah Palin's Alaska, naturally.

I guess she is going to do her best Sacajawea impression. Said to be getting a million dollars per episode. Talk about cashing in...but then this is what politicians do...get elected...retire or quit and sit back and rake in the money..

It's not unusual for reality TV stars from survivor-like shows to translate from scripted reality to real television...Elizabeth of The View comes to mind and that girl from the Bachelor is turning up all over infotainment TV..

But it still remains to be seen if the former Alaskan governor cum tour guide will be allowed to take her act to the White House, should she so choose.

Personally, I don't think she will...the paycheck that comes with the White House is not big enough....

And Dear Sarah has proven in a very short time that it really is all about the Benjamins...


Another non story in the news...Some stupid reporter apparently on deadline with nothing to write about is fantasizing about all the other magazines that will not let Gabby Sidibe on their racist covers...

The article was a made up rant to slam Gabby about her weight...Nobody asked her to comment and nobody asked the lover of all things anorexic, Anna Wintour, for her opinion either, but that didn't stop this lousy excuse of a reporter from writing about it...

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