Friday Rap

So, did you hear about the Korean couple, who met over the internet...got married...had a baby and then let their real child die from malnutrition while they daily nurtured and played with some virtual baby girl, in an online game called PRIUS during their 12 hour marathon sessions at their local internet cafe?

PRIUS is a game where players can choose a job, make a home and raise a family while interacting with other reality challenged fools inside a virtual world.

These dimwits came home from an all nighter and found their kid dead and called the police. They admitted feeding the baby rotten powdered milk and spanked it when it cried.

Oh, and the couple was not employed...they lived with her parents....

A word to grandparents...if you have grown children...and I use that term lightly as it is definitely an oxymoron....make it a habit to check the basement or the room where they're staying inside your house....never know what you might find....new grandbaby needing some food...arsenal for shooting up government buildings or schools.....cannibis plants growing in the corner where your philodendrons used to be....


I love it...one of the police was quoted as saying.....”guy had on a suit....didn't look like he was trouble..”

Thinking terrorists only come with dark skin, in camouflage and wearing turbans is going to get a lot more Americans killed until somebody wises up. Osama and company have figured it out...they're recruiting light skinned Americans to take us out...they're strapping bombs to women in the war zones of the middle east....coming to America...you heard it here first....

And then there are the cowardly lone wolves who just want to die..which seem to be a peculiar type of American manifestation...they plan and act alone...but can't muster the same courage to die alone. ...they have to take somebody...usually somebody innocent, to hell with them...


Sarah Palin Reality Show?!

Haven't we all been players in her reality show since John McCain got the ball rolling back in 2008? Didn't Shakespeare or somebody famous say...”all the world's a stage...play on..” or something like that?

Think this means she's given up on her run for the White House? Don't bet on it...celebrity for no reason or substance plays well these days...with all the money they make....I sometimes wish I had less respect for myself...


Learning to speak Na'vi

Still haven't seen Avatar yet. Meanwhile a whole subculture has grown up around it...people painting themselves blue..running through forest half nekkid...and talking Na'vi..

I wonder if the language is easier to learn then Klingon, or Elvish?


Courage and Consequences

is the name of Karl Rove's new book. It's another revision of the Bush years in the White House, such as “invading Iraq” was a good thing

In the book, Rove riffs on his relationship with General Colin Powell....said Powell called him Private Rove when he was annoyed at him and ordered Rove to “drop and give him 20.”

There is even a picture in the book of this give and take between Powell and Rove outside the Oval Office.

Rove should consider himself lucky that Powell never ordered him to turn around and grab his ankles...but then rumor has it that Rove actually likes submissive positions

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