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This is Why They're Stupid

The kids don't stand a chance down in Texas. They're supervised by a School Board full of idiots, who affect not only their kids lives, but the education given to young people nationwide. The reason for this is Texas' school system is so big that textbooks are slanted toward Texas thinking to make them buy. That means the rest of the country must teach with backward and slanted textbooks.....It's all about money people...even what your kids are taught...

These people are currently in the process of rewriting the textbooks to mirror their bizarro view of history, both past and present..

Here's an example of what they're doing;

One of the proposed amendments to history wants to change the reality of the civil rights movement because the history as presented gives young people

“unrealistic expectations of equal outcomes.” We Blacks and browns are inferior to white people...so why give them the expectation of equality..

Another proposed amendment removes any and all reference to race, sex or religion in talking about how different groups have contributed to the national identity.

In other words, they are attempting to write gays, lesbians and black people out of the American historical fabric. Since, apparently in their minds we haven't contributed anything to this country.

I guess if you can change history then a Black man in the White House becomes impossible, Tiger Woods never learns to play golf, and the NBA is peopled by a bunch of big uncoordinated white guys from Iowa.

These very Christian individuals also want to write a bigger chapter for Jefferson Davis and reduce the contributions of some guy named Abe....wish I was joking...but I'm not..

I'm in favor of letting Texas secede from the Union....however all properties belong to the US..so go ahead and leave...get the f*** out my country...you can have your car, your wife, your kids and your sorry ass dog....everything else belongs to the people of America...the ones you stole it from in the first place....


Friday Music...Beyonce and Gaga...who knew...

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