Obama Promises Big Change, Gives Bush-Lite Return

Deja Vu All Over Again

So we wake up this morning to news that Obama is going to allow offshore drilling and exploration as a way of fighting the country's addiction to foreign oil. You can read about it here.

Didn't he campaign against that while running for president? Weren't we, as a country, supposed to be looking at greener and or alternative fuels? I know that campaigning for president and being president are two completely different situations, because presidents have all the information while candidates for president only have some of the information available.

So it is understood that campaign promises are always cloaked in the caveat that reality must prevail should the candidate actually win the office as Obama has done.

Still, decisions such as these feel like Bush-lite, and I can just hear the neoCons now....Drill Baby Drill......just gripes my ass to have to listen to them say “told ya so.”


Brunner for US Senate

Now that Health care has passed there is another pressing election issue. Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is in a battle to secure the Democratic nomination for US Senate to represent Ohio. Problem is, the good ole boy network is alive and well within the Democratic Party, just like it is in the GOP.

The powers that be within the Ohio Democratic Ranks have all but anointed Lt. Governor Lee Fisher for the spot, summarily dismissing Brunner. The good ole boys, in fact, tried to pull a fast one a couple of weeks ago, favoring Fisher, while attempting to lock him into the Senate nomination.

But it didn't work, and it doesn't mean they won't stop trying. The primary is the second Tuesday in May and everyone who wants change needs to show up and vote. Fisher is status quo. Brunner is the breathe of fresh air needed in DC.

I can't think of a better team to work for Ohio than Sherrod Brown and Jennifer Brunner.

Brunner, in case you don't know, is the official who cleaned up the nasty election mess left over by Ken Blackwell a few years ago. But what thanks does she get for righting the ship in Ohio from the Democratic Party?

They choose to reward one of their old soldiers, probably because it's time, and not because he has really accomplished anything of import for the community.

The turnout for the Democratic primary is actually more important than turning out in November. If change is to continue, then a major turnout needs to occur.

Brunner is the only one who can beat Rob Portman who is again running for the GOP. But she needs our help...

Spread the word and vote in May...and again in November.


Cryptkeeper wins

I just don't get this...Fred Phelps of the Westboro Church, pickets funerals of gay men and women...of soldiers who are killed in our two illegal wars....slimes anyone he so chooses on his vile website...yet he wins in court on technicalities...

If I were Mr. Snyder.....I'd have Phelps playing a real life game of “where's waldo,” if he wants to collect...... give him money to fund his vile practices....when pigs fly....snowballs stay frozen in hell....and Ted Haggard turns out to really be straight....

Oh, and the government taking away his tax free status might help matters, too...


Herb Ellis

One of my favorite jazz guitarists, playing on one of my all time favorite songs, sung by my one of my all time favorite singers on one of the best live jazz sessions ever. Rest in Peace Herb Ellis...Rest in Peace...

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