Miscarriage Illegal

Utah to charge women and girls with murder for having miscarriages

This is not a joke, folks. Utah Governor Gary Herbert, signed into law this week, on March 9th, to be exact, a law that allows pregnant women and young girls to be charged with murder if they suffer a miscarriage.

This law was drawn up by some neanderthal republican representative named Carl Wimmer, who is now busily crafting similar legislation for other states. The Utah ACLU called the new law “problematic.”

Gee...which part...the murder or the miscarriage?

Wimmer says on his website that he is actively looking for ways to circumvent Roe v Wade, and has drawn up many, many hate laws targeting women. The penalty for being convicted is 15 years to life in prison.

Experts who have looked at this legislation say it contains no protection for women abused by a spouse for instance, or other women who may miscarry through no fault of their own. The law also has no protection from overzealous prosecutors seeking to make a name for themselves.

Laws of this kind prevent women from getting adequate health care and prenatal counseling. These laws go hand in hand with the current health care industry mindset that views pregnancy as a pre existing condition.

Utah is the land of multiple wives and child brides forced into marriages to older than dirt men. Women are nothing more than chattel or property here. Utah men are living the Islamic suicide bomber dream of 70 virgins for each and every man and they're doing it legally, right here in America.

The icing on the cake came three days after this law was passed, when the same body of lawmakers refused to pass a measure calling for comprehensive sex education to be taught in schools with prior parental permission.

I would guess that ignorance because of the law is no excuse for leniency in sentencing following a murder conviction, either.

In addition to this murder/miscarriage fiasco, current state law in Utah makes it a crime for teachers to advocate or to endorse the use of any contraception or birth control devices. Statistics show that the sexually transmitted disease Chlamydia is more common than chicken pox in Utah. According to the Utah Health Department 66% of new cases of the STD were in girls and women aged 15-24.

Statistics also show that every single day, 12 girls between the age of 15 and 19 get pregnant..everyday!

Utah is the living prologue to Margaret Atwood's novel The Handmaid's Tale...Haven't read it?

Maybe you should....
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