Not content to be a pain in the presidential derriere, Orly Taitz, has decided to enter politics, I guess in order to punish us for not taking her campaign against Obama seriously.

Word out of California is that the real estate mogul cum dentist, cum online certified lawyer is running for California Secretary of State. The Orange County newspaper reported Friday that Taitz has filed the paperwork and also gathered the necessary signatures to qualify for the race.

Taitz is running as a republican, not surprising, and promises to clean up the fraud and corruption left over by the 2008 election.

The Moldavian, Russian, Israeli, married in Las Vegas, living in California, American citizen promises to make President Obama her first target after she wins the election, saying Obama should be disqualified from the presidency.

She also wants to question him about all those homosexuals who died mysteriously after attending President O's old church back in Chicago. Taitz claims BHO is traveling around on Air Force One with a phoney passport and way too many social security numbers for a real American citizen.

Now, Orly just got slapped with a $20,000 fine after the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a Georgia Judge's ruling who originally levied the fine calling Taitz' allegations and lawsuits against Obama “frivolous.”

Taitz has already said she ain't payin'.

America's birther queen wants O to whip out that birth certificate so the rest of us can see that he was born in Kenya. I guess the one that Orly has is a fake. However she is sure there is a real one hiding somewhere in Africa with the name Obama on it.

Orly also says Obama or someone named Reggie is behind the numerous death threats against her since she began her crusade, and she wants FEMA to stop building internment camps around the country designed to house those suffering from ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome).

Californians, not to be concerned, Orly says she will champion the corporate take over of America and she won't spend all her time hunting down the Prez. She plans on going after Goldman Sachs which runs the US Treasury and Hugo Chavez who owns the software that controls American voting machines and therefore American elections....all of em.

Okay...so it was Hugo Chavez who put Obama in the White House? Got it!

But first..now for something completely different...Orly is attacking her GOP challenger..Damon Dunn (another Black man). Taitz claims Dunn is not eligible to run for state office much less seek the GOP nomination because he committed voter fraud.

Dunn's infraction....he has only voted once in any election in his entire life, and that was in 2009.

And you know what? The GOP is really and truly backing Taitz in her campaign.

And Karl Rove thinks the GOP is going to control this country forever. Oh the pain, the pain, what a world, what a world.

Really can't make this stuff up.

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