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Jean Schmidt, another example of Republican hamster craziness.

What is “hamster craziness,” you ask? It's being on a treadmill going nowhere, fast. Congresswoman Schmidt, back from DC and fresh from a massive drubbing on Health care reform, is still telling lies, the same lies, still spinning a web of major prevarication, and doing it with a straight face even though the facts say differently.

She even creates a new lie and new tax...the abortion tax. Hadn't heard that one before today.

Of course the Enquirer is only too happy to print it without fact check. Guess it's too hard to really go through motions of doing the job of objective reporting.

Enquirer, it really is okay to tell an interview that they're full of crap. It really is okay to challenge on their facts and figures. You get better answers that way.

Makes for a more honest interview.

Schmidt, like all her colleagues assume republican is synonymous with American, an assumption that was proven patently wrong in 2008. It is an assumption that ignores the big parts of America not grounded in white privilege. Republicans assume they speak for us, because they assume they were born to do so. Now that focus has cleared up a bit, they are still acting like they're in charge.

They are still acting as if health care was a minor ripple and that they will set things right come November. This is a fallacy in and of itself, because it assumes that only republicans are going to vote in November.

Amid the blatant lies contained in her column today, she even says that is what is going to happen. Led by Jean d'Arc, the GOP is going to rise again, just like the South, All hail Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy.

Okay. Rather than paraphrase I will let you decide...Is she nuts? Are you better off with GOP rubber stamp Jean in Congress singing back up to Orangeman John Boehner. Here is what she said today reposted from the Cincinnati Enquirer website.

Schmidt: Costs will go up and quality will go down

The president has now signed into law a health care reform bill that proponents wildly claim will give everyone everything they want. Sound familiar? And, in order to come up with enough votes to pass it, Democratic leaders had to buy off their own members with special deals for Nebraska, Florida, Louisiana and don't forget Senator Dodd's new hospital in Connecticut. These are but a few of the "special compromises" that were made to line up the necessary votes.
Every opinion poll and nearly every constituent I have listened to want real reform to lower their health care costs. The president, Speaker Pelosi and Sen. Reid have instead given us at least 19 new taxes and have eliminated Medicare Advantage for 5 million retired seniors. Yet, once all of the budget gimmicks and unrealistic future cuts are removed, the plan will actually add between $59 and $260 billion to the national debt over the next 10 years.
According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Democratic health care plan will actually increase the amount of health care spending by the federal government by $390 billion over the next 10 years. Millions of American families will see their premiums rise by about $2,100 annually. This is not the kind of reform we need, nor is it what my Democratic colleagues have been selling. Too many of my constituents are struggling to pay health insurance premiums at the current costs. How can they possibly afford to pay more?
If the plan's costs to families, employers and the federal government were not bad enough, it gets even worse. The portion of the plan that is funded is paid for by a half-trillion dollars in job-stifling tax increases and another half-trillion dollars in Medicare cuts. Most alarming to those who do not want their taxes used to fund abortion, the federal government will be mandating a fee on new subsidized insurance plans to pay for abortions for the first time in over 30 years - despite an over-hyped executive order that does nothing to stop the collection of the new abortion tax, and can be rescinded in the blink of an eye.
Fortunately, a majority of Americans realize that they are going to be taxed and their quality of coverage will be reduced. They understand that this measure is about creating a new government entitlement to give coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans. A laudable goal, but a dream we simply cannot afford. The Congress should instead focus on actually achieving health care reform's original goal - reducing costs for everyone.

No He Can't-Cincinnati John

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