GOP-The Definition of Crazy

The standard definition of crazy is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

Health care reform is now law and some of the mandates kick in as soon as Obama sets his signature on the document. The very first mandate out of the box is cash money to senior citizens. A rebate from medicare. $250 in spendable greenbacks to all old people regardless of their tea party affiliations or not.

Obama is cutting a check to the elderly. Now how many of those old geezers do you think are going to refuse that snail mail from their socialist government, hmmmmmmmmmm?

They're gonna treat it just like they treat their social security, their medicare, and all that other socialistic crap they get from the government all the time.

Next thing the butterscotch colored Marxist has done is made it illegal for insurance companies to cancel out the claims of really sick people. Think people are going to pull the plug on themselves. Not!

Oh, and those kids born into the world with serious illnesses, well now the insurance companies can not refuse to grant their parents coverage. Think parents are going to opt out and watch their kids die?

Sounds pretty pro life to me.

Republicans have gone lawsuit crazy all over the country claiming that health care reform is not constitutional. They are staking their claim on what's called the individual mandate. What this is, is the requirement contained in the bill that makes everyone buy health insurance. The goobers of the GOP say there is no precedent and therefore it is illegal. The government can't force us to do anything like that.

Well, not exactly. Once again the GOP has staked its claim on a foundation built on quicksand. The Constitution of the United States is a very broad document and very little of it is absolute. In addition to Article 6, which is the big one...there are other little phrases and mandates built in...

Ya gotta read the whole thing...not just the parts you like....kind of like interpreting the Bible. Here is a very good explanation for those of you inclined to read further.

Besides, the individual mandate is a tax provision and governed by more powerful laws than just the tiny phrase cherry picked by the GOP. Boehner and company have also been lying about people being thrown in jail if they refuse to buy health care. That is simply not true. They may be hit with a tax, but won't get jail time.

No precedent? Think again...Think cigarette tax...It costs you a lot to kill your lungs and those of the people around you. A tax of this kind is called promoting the general welfare of the public. Since the tax and making everyone buy insurance, lowers the cost for all and reduces the wear and tear on hospital emergency rooms it too falls under the panoply for the good of the general public.

And what about the argument that the government can't penalize you for doing nothing ...Try not paying your taxes come April 15th...I dare you..

Historically speaking, government individual mandates date all the way back to 1792. Look up the history about State Militias and who was required to buy a gun.

What will play a big part, in these GOP lawsuits is judicial activism. Want examples of judicial activism that sets precedent, if only temporarily, then check out the Missouri Compromise, the Dred Scott decision and Brown v Board of Education.

Don't want to go back that far, then confine your search to the currently sitting Roberts Supreme Court and the various rulings that have come to date on campaign financing, abortion rights, and affirmative action to name a few subjects.

Even conservative law professors say the GOP really has no leg to stand on when it comes to states rights and health care reform. But stranger, crazier things have happened.

So don't hold your breath.

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