10th Amendment, Change, and Article 6

Man, it's absolutely amazing what can happen when a Black family moves into the previously all white neighborhood, or in this case, the White House. Take one individual, who's only difference from the rest of the individuals who lived in the house before is skin hue and watch the other paler hued individuals start freaking out and doing stupid stuff, like putting their houses up for sale, moving farther away from the dangerous urban center, or lose sleep attempting to figure out how to legally evict the black guy without burning down his very valuable house.

Lot's of scared individuals have joined the Tea Party factions, placing their hopes in seemingly like minded Congressional representatives who talk a good game, but are really just out to screw everybody while keeping a firm grasp on their cash cows. Regardless of what side of the aisle they sit on, the game is DC is always and only about the money, so let's not kid ourselves. Here. The conservatives on the Hill are about being obstructionists, nothing less. They want to keep the status quo intact, because they can make more money that way.

Conservatives at the state level, are just as scared as the guys on the federal level, however they are acting out in other ways. These State representatives are about protecting against what they perceive as the federal power grab. In other words, they have convinced themselves that Obama is going to take away their guns and their rights to act independently from the federal government.

They are in fear of living their final days on earth under a Socialist regime, whatever that is. They have convinced themselves that Obama is first, not a citizen and second, in violation of the United States Constitution, specifically, the Tenth Amendment in the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was ratified in December of 1791. To paraphrase the 10th, it says, “powers not granted to the national government nor prohibited to the states by the constitution are reserved for the states and/or the people.”

Some of the stuff going on at state level are laws being passed, just in the past couple of weeks, in fact, are laws in South Dakota, signed last Friday, stating that federal regulation of firearms is not valid, if the gun is made and used in South Dakota. Wyoming has also jumped on this bandwagon with a similar law. South Dakota's Gov is GOP, Wyoming's Gov is a Democrat.

Oklahoma has approved a resolution saying its citizens should be able to vote on whether or not they, as a state, can opt out of Health Care Reform.

As usual, Utah went completely crazy, mandating that Health Care Reform cannot take affect without the permission of the state legislature. Another mandate gives the state authority to confiscate federal land using Eminent Domain statutes. This nut-so bunch even put into their state constitution that Utah has “inviolable sovereignty” under the Tenth Amendment of the US Constitution.

Tennessee, Washington and Alabama are even going so far as to try and write into their state constitutions that their police forces have jurisdiction and precedence over federal troops, like the army navy and marines. Hmmmmmmmm....

Now the problem with all these new laws and resolutions is the same problem that all these interpreters of the Constitution have. It is the same problem suffered by fake pseudo Christians who take every opportunity to quote the Bible to all others. Maybe the problem exists because these types of conservatives usually inhabit both groups.

The problem.....they take everything out of context and fail to read the whole document while attempting to back up their sometimes silly arguments.

Yes, the 10th Amendment does talk about states rights....But so does Article 6.

Article 6 simply says, and I'm paraphrasing again, “federal law is supreme and if there is a problem or conflict between state law and federal law, federal law prevails, “ period. And, Article 6 has been fire tested over and over in the Courts from the signing of the founding document, that these neocons say they are upholding and following to the letter.

Segregationists...the conservatives of their day tried it again and again, most recently in the 1950s and 1960s as a means of combating the civil rights of Black people, as well as in the 80s and 90s against the LGBT community. The neocons of today always respond by saying it's the Courts who get it wrong on interpretation...that's not what the founding fathers meant..

If the conservatives don't like the outcome, they blame others for the wrong interpretation. Case in point, last week, Texas Neocons on the School Board took Thomas Jefferson out of their social studies textbooks....His transgression....coining the theory of separation of church and state...

Neocons claim that separation of church and state is not and never has been implied in the Constitution...the government's wrong, and the courts are wrong for upholding it.

Another example of everyone else but Neocons getting it wrong....all the media polls stating that most people are against health care reform, when in actuality about 96% of the country favors change. The polls, just like in the 2008 election continue to ask only a very small group of the former majority their opinions, while not tapping into the new majority for their opinions.

The MSM was surprised and still fails to recognize that Obama won in a landslide vote, and that while there are issues, mainly everyone is basically okay with what he is trying to do....with the exception of the scared folks, of course..

Health Care reform, while very contentious in discussion, will probably win the same way. This is being born out by the fizzled Tea Bagger rally yesterday in DC, where 100s turned out when thousands were expected..

Once again, the real majority is revealing itself......again.

It remains to be seen when the MSM will wake up and start talking to the real majority...maybe they will have to start putting new majority representatives back into their own organizations and taking the blinders off to what's really happening in America.

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