Devil, Thy Name is Pat Robertson

Still talking out the side of his neck. I keep forgetting that Robertson is still alive. He has a habit of misinterpreting scripture to justify and explain his perverted world view of people of color.

True, he runs missionary schools, allegedly to help people in need. But make no mistake there is not one Christian bone in his body. What he does is for power and money, just like the rest of the masters of the universe except that he tries to hide behind religion.

His barbs are usually directed at women and people of color. His statements about the earthguake and the Haitian people are just an example. He combined folklore, to remind us that he is still alive and just as nasty as ever....

There is really no difference between Pat Robertson and anything that comes out of the Westboro "God hates everybody" Church. Their perversion of religion is the same.

The so called Haitian "pact" is explained here. Check it out.

If you want to refresh yourself about what Robertson said, go here .

Let's all pray that Robertson joins his good friend Jerry in the near future.

Better yet, don't waste any prayers on Robertson...Send them to the good people of Haiti. They need them more.
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