Friday Rap

Reality TV narcissism

Can we please be done with people who think making baby litters takes some kind of skill and that raising the rugrats is 24/7 entertaining to the rest of us?

Reality TV in general functions with a “crabs in the barrel mentality” powered by a 3 year old's definition of what makes entertainment....watching people try to destroy or humiliate others is not entertainment..taking somebody down is not fun nor does it feel good....if it did...we all wouldn't bother to hide behind computer screens shunning face to face contact, fearful of rejection..

turn off the TV.....get a real face to face life....think...friends in person...think talking across a dinner table...think wine.....lots and lots of wine.....think sex.. real sex, not simulated or porno playing on a screen.....reach out and touch...contact..


Worthless POS

Will the media please stop reporting every brain disconnected, meaningless utterance that falls from the mouth of Dick Cheney? The toothless old warmonger is a coward......five times deferred when he could serve....hid every time a plane was sighted in the sky over DC when he was VP.....Doesn't give a good damn about America....is a lying hypocritical, dinosaur whose time has past...

I'd quote Wesley Snipes from the movie Demolition Man at this point....”Will somebody please shoot this Mufuca!” except it would probably get me jailed for something,,,the old white guys still have most of the power and and all of the money....or at least enough to make my life miserable, anyway...


Glen “I don't have any Black friends” Beck

Read the article, I won't repeat it here. But I will say that it seems the only word attached to Blacks that whites never seem to have a problem with is nigger....

Nigger...once PC in America....always PC in America


Tiger Woo!

First they make him Black...Now they make him gay...a 21st century lynching of a colored man for whistling at white women

Woods needs to man up and get back on the course and do the only thing he does well, because the masters of the universe do have very short memories...the media relies on computer databanks to remember for them...it will settle down if you beat them on their holy ground at Augusta..again..


Hip Hop Mike

The GOP created Obama mirror image named Michael Steele is pissing off the powers within his own party for talking out of line...Mike won't stay in his place...apparently doesn't remember they chose him to be seen and not heard...

He is supposed to be the walking proof that the GOP is not racist...That they really, really love people of color....they really do...

He keeps talking and they're going to go out and dig up Stepin Fetchit....oh wait...they  already put him on the Supreme Court!...My bad....Shelby Steele is available...no relation to Mike..but that last name might stir up bad memories of Hip Hop..


GOP Talking Points

The talking heads of the GOP keep saying there were no terror attacks during Dubya's tenure in the White House....okay...I bet Dorothy really went to Oz, too...didn't she.... and Middle Earth exists..... William Shatner is really an alien and god actually sprung from the mind of L Ron Hubbard.....


Saying it over an over makes it urban legend....not fact....except for L. Ron...then it becomes a religion for some...


New boy toys

Let's give a shout out to Susan Sarandon...the 60 plus actress recently dumped her long time toy for a new boy toy.....go girl! Thelma rocks!....at least I think she was Thelma...hated that movie..but loved her in The Hunger with Catherine Deneuve....

And since I strayed into Hollywood....Sharon Stone is quoted as saying Meryl Streep “looks like an unmade bed” and that's why people relate to her...

Well...I like snuggling into unmade beds....better than curling up with an over exercised bag of bones with no padding...c'mon girls....let's don't fight...men are infinitely more funny to talk about...

Go Meryll


Boy Boxer Bomber

is in court today....all this hyperventilation over a near miss....it could have been serious...but face it people...it was a miss...an almost.....and...almost only counts in horse shoes...as my dad used to say...take this as a teaching lesson to improve the system and move on...

A world powered by fear is going to kill us all..


Words of Advice for Prez O

I know you have to deal with all this peripheral BS for the cameras....but we the people could use a little help in your spare time...

Like jobs, for instance...that will secure the election if you can jump start the employment scene by summer..

It would help if you could cancel Don't Ask Don't Tell.....since many of your Arabic speaking translators that you kicked out of the armed forces last year were also gay...It might be good for security if you brought them back and allowed them to live their lives....while doing their job..

I ask you..which is best for all of us....National Security or worrying about who is sexing whom?
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