Out of the Mouth of Idiots

Comparing what Harry Reid allegedly said to what Trent Lott said about Strom Thurmond is mixing apples and oranges. Lott was praising a rapist, who got away with sexually assaulting a 16 year old Black domestic servant at his parents home and got away with it because his parents covered it up and bought off the victim... He reportedly supported the baby born...but never acknowledged her as long as it could possibly bring down his political career, of keeping Blacks in their place...except I guess when he needed sex...

Strom Thurmond is the old poster boy for GOP racial hypocrisy....He should have been in jail not in Congress..

Like it or not...Harry Reid spoke the truth....I don't care how intelligent or how eloquent a brother is....no matter the number of his post graduate degrees....if he is black as the ace of spades....and talks like Shaft or Biggie or Snoop....or Tupac and is viewed as threatening for some reason...he won't clear local vetting to run for city council..much less national office..

Hell....Tupac an elegant writer and master of the spoken word...is still dismissed by white America as being a thug because of the way he looked...he could never get elected in America...Yet I measure his brain next to Obama's..

If brothers had an equal chance like most of America seems to believe, there wouldn't be 25% unemployment among Black males....The dropout rate...lack of male teachers, etc, wouldn't still be going on...despite having a Black man in the White House..

Jesse Jackson would have been taken seriously when he ran for president......Bill Clinton wouldn't be asking Obama to bring him some coffee...and we wouldn't be having this conversation..

And don't get outraged Black people....have we as a community canceled the “paper bag test” yet?

Are the days of wanting “nothing Black but a Cadillac” and “nothing big but a bankroll” over yet?

What about looking for a job...making a call...talking to a pleasant white lady to get a job interview...putting on your Sunday best to go to the interview only to walk in...be looked up and down like you smell funny and be told by the same nice white lady from the phone that the position has been filled...regardless of how you sound...how you fill out that stylish suit and what is printed on your resume...happens once...okay....happens over and over and over and over and over...and suddenly you feel like kicking some ass....But it happens less to beige brothers then it does to dark chocolate ones..

Hip Hop Mike can go sit down...He's the joker in the deck...except nobody's laughing..

This same book pillories Hilary and Sarah, too...equal opportunity hearsay journalism at it's best...

Sarah allegedly said it was God's plan that she run for VP....We've known forever that God really does have a sense of humor...

Why else would he have given the world Rod Blagojevich....he jumped on Obama in an interview to be published in Esquire in February....

"I'm blacker than Barack Obama. I shined shoes. I grew up in a five-room apartment. My father had a little laundromat in a black community not far from where we lived," Blagojevich said. "I saw it all growing up." ….ex gov Rod B...


Oh man... Do I yearn for the days of half hour news at 6pm and 11pm....no CNN, no FOX, no MSNBC.. And real journalists who found two sources before rushing to  publish or report.....with at least one willing to go on record....

Oh for the good ole days!
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