Oh Oh...Orly Might Win...Oh No!

I know California stupidly elected an actor back in the day. Heck, they've got one in the Governor's office now.... The Terminator is still there......But a birther?

Word out of California today is that Birther Queen Orly Taitz might win the GOP primary for California Secretary of State.

Her sole purpose for running, she said, is to go on a state funded search for Obama's birth certificate. Probably wants the state to pay her court fines, too since she's up to $20,000 for filing useless lawsuits. If she wins, she will probably seek to have her online law license validated in all 50 states instead of just California.

Winning the GOP primary is the first step. She just might win that. However, I can't believe that real California will go along with Orly in state government, no matter how many fruits and nuts live there.

Whoa...boggles the mind.....The Birther Queen and Governor Moonbeam, back from Atlantis after a 30 year sabbatical..

What's that old saw about politics making for strange bedfellows?



Arizona Immigration Solution, Not Good for Ohio

Let's be honest, America is not the land of equal opportunity that it claims to be. Regardless of what the law says, some people are always going to be considered less equal than others. The United States Constitution was a promise, a defective promise, not a reality when written. The American dream, is just that, a dream, reachable by some, totally out of reach for others.

The fault-line breaks down around skin color and money, primarily.

Arizona's promise of no racial profiling when applying the new immigration law is bogus.

The new law set to take effect next month is just as defective as the Constitutional privilege upon which it is based. You can be as illegal as the day is long, having smuggled yourself here in a shipping container, with an accent that you can't cut with a butter knife, but as long as your skin color is the correct hue, or you flash a bankroll of hard cash or smell like you have money, nobody is going to bother you, even if you are driving illegally or jaywalking, or shoplifting.

That is the reality of America.

The term “illegal immigrant” is synonymous with Hispanic, here in Ohio. The only time you hear the term at all on the news is when it is paired with pictures of small brown skinned Hispanics. White people and Black people belong here in the two toned Midwest..Brown people don't...this is the general thinking in the area...

So unless police are required to question everyone they stop, anybody who looks and smells “right” will not be subjected to the fullest extent of the law. It's got to be a “click it or ticket” seat belt kind of thing or let the legal racial profiling begin, because in this instance, Hispanics will bear the brunt of this particular form of American racism.

This has turned into a personal crusade for the Sheriff of Butler County. The feds have already told him to stand down once. Now he's got the state legislature involved.

Hopefully cooler heads will prevail.

If they want to do something....go after the good ole boy roofers, construction business owners and landscaping experts or their wives who want a cheap au pair in the house to look after the bosses kids, while she goes shopping with the girls...

These people, refuse to hire American citizens in favor of Hispanics willing to work 24/7 for minimum wage. Go after them...

Dry up the market...slow down the flow....as long as America is perceived as the land of opportunity, then there will be people trying to get here, by any means necessary...

Trouble is...drying up the market for illegals means inconveniencing white people...

And we all know that Sheriff Rick is not going to upset his base...right?
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