Friday Rap

Hey Ohio...John Boehner and the Chamber of Commerce want taxpayers to foot the bill for the BP oil spill....

What was all that talk about a free market society where corporations are allowed to do their own thing without regulation? Well, in a real free market they have to clean up their messes on their own, too...not just rake in the cash...

John Boehner
still siding with his rich benefactors rather than working for the people....and of course he and other GOP will come up with some kind of Obama made me do it kind of excuse while pocketing the money......


A Congressman from the not so great state of Georgia says that little chump change the government calls unemployment compensation is really not a good thing for people to have...

Says it actually discourages people from looking for work and he doesn't want to enable bad behavior....Guy's name is John Lindner if you want to give his office a call and convince him to see the error of his ways...


A non NY state of mind

That fool who won't light the Empire State Building to honor Mother Teresa also won't honor the United States Marine Corp either. We know the Mother Teresea thing is a personal dispute between the owner and some guy..but no word on why he hates The Corp.


The Pope repents

Pope speaks out for the first time on sex abuse scandal. Blames the abusers but says nothing about the coverup that has allowed these men to flourish over the years.


Codifying Racism in to State Law and it's Obama's fault

Mad that his aunt was living in public housing.... has fueled the anger against illegal immigrants causing Democrats to sponsor a measure in Massachusetts that is worse than Arizona's repugnant law.

Public benefits and housing subsidies are the problem as Boston sees it...take away benefits and no more illegal brown people walking their pristine streets....



Oprah may be the queen of daytime TV...but judge judy is the boss...she's beating Oprah in the ratings these days..

OJ Redux

Lawyers in court today to argue an appeal based on past taint...says OJ was convicted on the robbery charges due to prejudice dating back to his initial trial for the murder of his wife and Ron Goldman

It's still Nicole's fault that he is being victimized in other words..

and CNN is going to cover it live....WOW! Ever sit through appeals court arguments....about as riveting as watching paint dry on the side of a building..


Ending on a bittersweet note...the great granddaughter of Nelson Mandela was killed in a car accident last night on the eve of the World Cup. Our prayers go out to a great, great man in his hour of grief. One of Mandela's stated goals was to bring the World Cup to Africa...He suceeded...

Let the games begin. Been there, done that and will do it again.. there really is nothing like it...

This Time...for the First Time it's Africa!

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