Friday Rap

Rand the man Paul wants to build a big underground electric fence under the border to stop illegal immigration from Mexico...Won't say how it will work or how much it will cost...but it does sound like big government...which I thought Dr. Paul was against.



Accusing Al Gore of sexual assault....conjures up images in my head of a woman fighting off the pillsbury doughboy or the michelin man.......a sexually hungry power mad predator is not how I picture Al Gore. Not saying it didn't happen....just..... ewwwwww!

Woman wanted a million dollars to tell her story. National Enquirer says they didn't pay her and got the story the old fashioned way...they went and found the police report..


Women staying childless...

Report says more women are doing it...not having kids or delaying until after the age of 40.

Goes against prevailing thought that women without children are unhappy, depressed and sometimes suicidal...really? Let me grab a glass of wine and think about that for a moment.

I love children...however, my favorite child is the one I can send home...nothing depressing about that..


Remember in November

GOP once again successfully blocked unemployment benefits for millions of Americans in desperate need.

GOP thinking is that the chump change check makes people lazy and less interested in finding employment.


Snowbilly Chronicles Episode 964

Sassy Sarah gets caught up in some more ethics violations...court ruled...but you know it's just the liberal left wing media smearing America's darling once again...She never does anything wrong...does she...


One year anniversary of the deaths of the King of Pop...Michael Jackson. And Farah Fawcett....

One year later and Michael Jackson with any woman in his videos still looks like two girls in a gay bar cavorting on the dance floor...

Two of my favorite MJ songs...

Liberian Girl Mix

Dirty Diana


Wimbledon and World Cup

Wimbledon is underway...both Serena and Venus are into third round play...They are on a collision course for the finals with Justine Henin and Kim Cljisters in the way...Henin and Cljisters have to play each other first..that's a good thing...Serena and Venus are ranked one and two in the world in singles and number one in doubles...Amazing!

World Cup...going well....next up Ghana who knocked the US out of the 2006 World Cup...If they beat Ghana and survive their next match...then they will probably face Brazil...but let's do this one match at a time...No need to think about Brazil until necessary...

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