Friday Rap

Richard Bruce (Dick) Cheney, c'mon down!

Been wondering where America's self appointed Energy Czar is these past few days. He's been curiously quiet these days. I mean he's been all over Obama for health care and for being soft on terrorism, or for refusing to waterboard people, or for threatening to shut down Guantanamo or for being too hard on corporate America and Wall Street, or for threatening to raise taxes on the fortunate 5% who control the world.

Heck, Cheney even went on record about starting yet another war, this one with Iran and Mac-mood I'm-a-dina-jacket...all because he could....

Everytime President O makes a move he's had to trip over a Cheney, because if Dick hasn't said something himself, he's sent his rouged up attack daughters in his place to keep the boy in the White House in his.

Doesn't matter what it is, if President O is trying to do it, then Darth Dick and his pit bull progeny were against it, and saying so, loudly for everyone to hear, over and over during the 24/7 news cycle.

Except for this drill baby drill thingey...Dick hasn't said a word, publicly in days. He did quietly send his favorite PR flack to shepard BP through the crisis. But, he's sitting on his hands, which is kind of funny considering he wrote the energy policy for the country that's got us jacked up in the first place.

You remember...Dickie called all his energy/oil buddies into his office and locked the door and told them not to take notes, 14 days after Dubya got sworn in. This nameless group of energy bigwigs set down the hands off policy that has Obama hog tied as we speak....

The warmonger VP who routinely hid out in his bunker during times of crisis...like Vietnam and 9/11.... got righteously ticked off that we the people, or some of us anyway, called him into question for his arrogant power grab.

You know, I'd be willing to bet that if you looked at that oil rig, what's the name...Event Horizon, or something like that...that Cheney's name is etched on the side of one of the blasted out beams rusting at the bottom of the ocean, right now.

But then again, why should the big Dick be talking? The oil spill isn't hurting him or his pocket book. Cheney gets paid regardless....His money doesn't come from fishing boats and tourism...

Who cares if a few clean up guys get sick repairing the damage done by the big Dick's cronies. Isn't that what the poor are here for.... to cleanup the messes made by Cheney and his chums?


Alas...poor Yoric....

In the meantime, the media is hyperventilating over the wall to wall cool exhibited by President O in times of crisis. He's not jumping up and down. He's not cussing people out and the fake news pundits in varying shades of skin color are wondering “what's wrong?” Why isn't the President emoting more?

Why isn't the President more empathetic.....like Ronald Reagan, for instance?

C'mon now! 42 other presidents to choose from as an example and they want Obama to act like the only trained actor in the bunch..... Reagan, despite being a B list actor, was a professional. If he can't emote and empathize, then no one can.

However, I suspect what all these insta-pundits really want to see is for Obama to morph into Prissy in Gone With the Wind.....”Miz Scarlett... Miz Scarlett...ma'am....I don't know nothin' bout cappin' no oil wells!..hep me...hep me!”

Okay that last part is from Blazing Saddles' Sheriff Bart, playing Prissy..

Honestly....who's he gonna call? Brownie...Dubya...Turdblossom.... the Old Skool Oompa Loompa Boehner....Miz Mitch.....Horndog Vitter.....Lil Bobby Jindal....or that half baked Alaskan snowbunny?

Please...Maybe capping an oil well is right up Joe the Plumber's alley....ya think? Nah!.

They want Obama to forget himself, cross over to the dark side and fulfill the prophecy.... SOCIALIZE THE GOVERNMENT in one fell swoop....take over the BP corporation...send in the military....nuke the oil well and America into oblivion...bring on the End Days....why wait for Jesus to come back, Obama can do it....give him enough rope...and well you know.....

This is what they want....But then there are some in hell who want ice water, too....

And as he's proven time and time again since he's been in office....Obama's ice is in his glass and in his veins...just like George.....Gervin....not Bush....


Ending on a positive note......

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