Alvin and the Anchor Babies

Well,we now know the criteria the Arizona police will use to weed out suspected illegals. According to the man behind the law, Russell Pearce, instead of going with skin color as a clue, cops will check out people with bad English skills, nervous behavior and a refusal to look the officer directly in the eye.

Bad English?...that defines about 90% of the American legal population...and face it...everyone is nervous around cops....

Pearce is also coming with another law for legislators to consider...he wants to make it illegal for the state to issue birth certificates to babies born here, whose parents are not legal immigrants..

This is a direct contradiction to the US Constitution that these people say they want to uphold and follow to the letter....Well, the Constitution...specifically the 14th Amendment says any baby born here is a citizen...

Not having a birth certificate also makes it impossible to ever become a legal citizen of the US as well, since it is the foundation of all things legal in America.

It would be cheaper to just hang signs at the border telling foreigners to stay home..don't come here...

And somebody needs to go wipe that saying off the Statue of Liberty...you know the one that says..."Send us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free... the wretched refuse of your teeming shores, send these the homeless tempest tossed to me...."

Whatever....chisel it off the Statue..better yet....blow up Lady Liberty...she was a gift from those foreigners the French and modeled after a Black woman...can't have brown skin representing America in these days of whitewashing...now can we?


Honestly don't know what to make of Alvin Green, the man who stole the South Carolina Democratic primary last week. Man didn't campaign, yet managed to beat a well known judge by capturing 60% of the vote...

Green now faces the ultra conservative Jim DeMint in November.

Personally, I blame the Democrats for this mess. I don't care what they say, nobody checked this guy out...They took the money....all 10-thousand dollars of it and let him toss his hat in the ring, then forgot about him, until he won..

This was liberal racism at work here....to the liberals...they had a black man...and you know...we all look alike...didn't matter whether he was lucid, literate or capable of leading....he was black face and that's what they needed....three black questionable faces, in fact, two of them lost....leaving Alvin exposed.

Alvin wins the nomination and we find out he's homeless...he's not...he lives with his father...he was released from the military under some so far unrevealed reasons, and according to him..."it's complicated."

Alvin claims to be unemployed, yet he says he saved up the money....all ten thousand dollars of it to enter the politcal race for Senator....hmmmmmm..

He reportedly has a felony obscenity charge hanging over his head..again..he says it's complicated and he doesn't want to talk about it...

South Carolina runs open primaries meaning voters can cross party lines to vote for whomever they choose...so many figure Republicans crossed over and voted for Green in order to give DeMint a patsy in November..,

Some think people may have thought they were voting for the Rev Al Greene the singer..you know..."Let's Stay Together....Love and Happiness"

But where were the discerning Democratic voters...those folks who vote intelligently after researching the people they want to represent them..

Enquiring minds want to know... Obviously more to come on this story
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