Hired Help for Mitt Romney

Right after Mittens appointed his wife to head up his advisory council on women, I joked that I couldn't wait to see who he would appoint to advise him on Black People. I really didn't think he'd do it, but he did. On Wednesday, he handpicked his personal negroids to teach him how to relate to the  Black community.

No Nicki Minaj didn't make the cut. Neither did 50 cent, even though he has almost as much money as ole Mittens. Fiddy and Willard probably have a lot in common, but we'll never know, and he will never find out.

In keeping with his staid, cautious and clueless demeanor, Mittens went with the likes of Florida Congressman Allen “slave tracker” West, Florida's Lt. Governor Jennifer “I don't look like a lesbian” Carroll, and South Carolina Congressman Tim “I'm a happy Black man in the GOP” Scott.

These are his national chairs, Mitt's HNICs, all  apparently with proven track records of relating to everyday run of the mill Black folk.

Mia “I'm a black Mormon” Love and Artur “G Money” Davis are  also members, but the rest of the BLC is made up of people nobody's ever heard of. There was one reverend included as well, probably in a nod to the Black Church. Given Mitten's track record during this current campaign, I hope who ever he delegated this task to checked to see if they really are all Black people.

Not that it's gonna make any difference. Romney's council has about a snowball's chance in hell of making a real outreach to the community, even if he is serious about bringing us into the GOP. This is because like most white people, Romney thinks Black people only vote according to skin color, with absolutely no regard for political philosophy or ideology.

Note to Willard: the reason why there are no Black people in the Republican Party is because of the GOP's political positioning. To put it another way, we don't like your politics nor the subtle racist subtexts that typically enshroud it, and, we're not willing to turn off our brains to make you happy.  Whether you say it or they say it, won't make any difference.

And as far as the Mitt's Mormon religion goes, despite Mia Love, there are very few black Mormons in existence either, and this is the reason why:

Vote responsibly in November.

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